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17 hours 35 minutes ago

Universities to test Apple HealthKit

Two major hospitals are set to launch studies of the Apple HealthKit to see how the new app may help people with diabetes and other chronic disease. The HealthKit system allows patients to streamline data from various health apps so it can be viewed by doctors in one place.... Read Story

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17 hours 40 minutes ago

Brain may compensate for Alzheimer's damage

A new study suggests the brain may have the ability to compensate for damage caused by Alzheimer's disease. Researchers measured the brain activity of older adults with and without the protein tangles that are a sign of Alzheimer's. Both groups performed equally well on a series of memory tests,... Read Story

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Sep 12, 2014 7:24 AM

Study links sunshine and suicide

New research suggests sunshine may influence suicide rates regardless of the season. Austrian researchers studied 40 years of suicide data in that country and found days with more suicides tended to be sunnier. In fact, suicide rates were higher at the end of a long string of sunny... Read Story