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Sep 23, 2010 4:24 PM by Carina Corral

CDC report shows most of us aren't eating enough fruits and veggies

A report out on healthy people shows most of us can do a better job when it comes to eating our fruits and veggies.

When the folks at the Centers for Disease Control set out on this Healthy People 2010 survey last year they were hoping to find at least one state in which at least 75 percent of adults ate two or more servings of fruit daily and 50 percent ate three or more servings of vegetables daily.

Well, they could not.

The closest they got was in Washington, D.C. where 40.2 percent of adults eat the recommended amount of fruits and in Tennessee where 33 percent eat the right amount of veggies.

Californians came in a close second in the fruits section with 40.1 percent.

Eating our greens is another story with just 26 percent of residents eating the recommended three or more servings a day.

Who fared the worst?

According to the CDC report, Oklahomans don't like their fruits with just 18 percent of them eating two or more servings a day, while just 19 percent of South Dakotans eating three or more servings of veggies a day.

When broken down into demographics: women eat far more fruit and vegetables than men, seniors eat healthier than college grads and middle class families eat better than lower class families.

In the race/ethnicity group, Hispanics eat the most fruit, but the least vegetables.

Click here to check out the complete report.


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