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Sep 7, 2010 4:04 PM by Carina Corral

Central Coast Cancer Challenge: Meet two children your efforts will benefit

The Central Coast Cancer Challenge is a little more than a week away, so today we want to introduce you to some special children sure to drum up support for this worthy cause.

With his blond hair, blue eyes and rambunctious personality and her braids, freckles and sweet demeanor, Will Glei and Eliana Nunley may seem like your typical kids, but there is much more than meets the eye.

" He gave us about 45 minutes and then came back and said he definitely had leukemia cells in his blood," said Renee Baragona, Will's mother. He was diagnosed November of last year at the age of 5.

At age seven, Eliana is already a cancer survivor.

" This October will be her three year anniversary of being all done with chemo," said Danya Nunley, Eliana's mother. Eliana was diagnosed when she was just 22-months-old.

Ten months into his three-and-a-half year treatment, Will has good days and has bad days.

Eliana knows the feeling all too well and is just happy to be done with her two-and-a-half years of treatment.

" It's really fun because I can do more things and I'm not crying a lot and I don't have to be carried," said Eliana.

It is families like theirs the Central Coast Cancer Challenge, presented by Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, aims to help.

"There's the treatment side and then there's the social and psychological side and we're raising money for the social and psychological side," said the Event Director Heather Hellman.

The money raised at the Cancer Challenge will go toward cancer support services for things like helping these families financially to relieving some of the stress in their lives through classes and counseling.

" Always know that one person can make a difference and for those who this will benefit, just to know that they're thought of," said Hellman.

It is a cancer challenge we can all help them face.

" Not a day goes by that we don't think about how lucky we are that she is a normal healthy kid," said Danya.

" Even though Will has a 90 percent cure rate he is still in a line up of 10 kids where on is not going to make it," said Renee.

The fundraiser is being held at Laguna Lake Park in San Luis Obispo, September 18.

It is a 5k & 10k Run, 50k & 100k bike ride, Kids 1mile Run and Fun Ride with a Wellness Expo and benefit concert with the Damon Castillo Band.

The early registration deadline is Wednesday, September 8, but you can still register the day of the event.

Click here for more information or to register on line.


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