Nov 1, 2012 11:24 AM by KSBY News, Carina Corral

Free health care clinic in San Luis Obispo celebrates one year anniversary with plans to expand

A free health care clinic in San Luis Obispo celebrates its one year anniversary.

Founder Dr. Ahmad Nooristani says in his first year, the SLO Noor Clinic has served more than 1,350 patients, including 360 eye exams.

Open just eight hours a week, staff has also done in-house labs valued at more than $74,000 and saved patients a total of $78,000 on prescription drugs.

The clinic is operated by volunteers who have donated a total of 6,400 hours, which would equal more than $364,000.

These numbers are all according to Dr. Nooristani.

There are now plans for a new dental clinic.

Dr. Nooristani is need of contractors who will donate their time and/or supplies for improvements.

Click here for a link to the clinic's website.