Jul 31, 2013 10:06 PM by John Reger

GQ: Do the ride attendants at the Mid-State Fair carnival get drug tested?

The Mid-State Fair carnival is still tearing down and will roll out of Paso Robles tomorrow. I got a question about all the people who work the carnival. Anna Zavala wants to know: Do the ride attendants at the carnival get drug tested? Good Question.

First off, the local fair board hires a private business called Davis Enterprises which operates the Midway and the games of chance.

Before davis hires anyone, the company runs the applicant's name through a federal database that tracks sex offenders throughout the country. If the applicant passes, he or she is drug tested before being hired.

As an employee, all workers are randomly drug-tested. Many of the workers are also drivers of the carnival semi-trucks. Those drivers are subject to random testing by carnival management and separately by Davis's insurance company.

Before every shift running a ride or game, each worker must fill-out a safety checklist, inspecting cables, seat belts, fire extinguishers, and so on. He then has start, run and stop his ride twice.

Then he goes over his report in person with a supervisor. If the supervisor suspects alcohol or drug use, the workers can be drug-tested on the spot.

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