May 15, 2013 10:17 PM by John Reger

GQ: Who pays for the media facilities in Avila Beach for the Amgen race?

Not only will thousands of visitors descend on Avila Beach tomorrow for the Amgen Tour of California, but so will a swarm of media. That prompted this question: Does Avila Beach have to pay for the facilities for all the media that work at the race? Good Question.

Amgen pays all the bills after the host city finds adequate space and provides what's needed within the tour's budget. The Avila Beach Civic Association is in charge and the city's Community Center will be the media headquarters. One will be set up with tables and chairs for 150 media personnel and outfitted with 2 copy machines and electricity for each reporter's personal laptop and cellphone.

Charter cable is providing high speed Wi-fi service for the day plus connection for two giant TV screens that Amgen will set up on race day for a live feed.

Amgen will also put up a 20 by 40 foot tent on an outdoor patio for pre- and post- news conferences and interviews. A local restaurant will provide box lunches for 100 people. 6 satellite trucks will be parked in the parking lot alongside the building.

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