Jun 26, 2013 7:50 PM by Keli Moore and Amika Osumi

Local reactions to DOMA and Proposition 8 rulings

The Supreme Court's decisions on same sex marriage sparked both positive and negative reactions from local people and organizations.

Wednesday morning the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

If these rulings are made official, the federal government must recognize same sex marriages in states where it is legal. In addition, same sex marriage in California would be made legal.

Gov. Brown announced if these rulings are finalized, California county clerks will begin to allow same sex couples to obtain marriage licenses.

Local gay and lesbian organizations voiced their excitement about the rulings. Kim Hildreth, president of the Central Coast Gay and Lesbian Alliance, GALA, told KSBY News, "I think California and the United States finally came into the 21st Century. Equality for everybody."

"It's just amazing that I can be treated like a real first class citizen now and not be denied any rights," said Moises Torreblanca, president of Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gays, P-FLAG.

Some leaders of San Luis Obispo County churches also commented on the recent rulings.

Pastor Bryan Stupar of Calvary San Luis Obispo Church said, "In the long run it doesn't really affect how we look at things. We welcome and embrace all people but we look to the teachings of the story line of the bible to formulate the way we live our life."

"[Marriage] is a sacramental union of a man and a woman instituted for the good of the couple and the procreation of children... this decision does not trigger any civil law requirement on the part of our priests and deacons to witness the weddings of same-sex couples," The Diocese of Monterey stated in a press release Wednesday.

The San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara clerks will begin issuing marriage certificates and performing wedding ceremonies when an issue is ordered by the Ninth Circuit Court and California Department of Public Health.



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