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Oct 29, 2010 2:56 PM by Carina Corral

Local teen cancer survivor joins Facebook plea to Oprah

A movement is underway on Facebook that even the creator of the page did not see coming.

The page is called "Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer."

In just eight weeks it has gained support from nearly 41,000 people.

Post after post, there are stories and pictures being shared that can bring a tear to your eye about a child's loss to cancer and stories that bring the good kind of tears about a child beating the disease.

One of those survivor stories is 15-year-old Melinda Marchiano of Nipomo who said her cancer experience was an eye opener.

" People don't know a lot about childhood cancer that's why I'm really passionate about letting people know what it's all about and how we can stop it," she said.

Melinda, and thousands of others, believes the Queen of Daytime Television can help make that happen.

" We're all aware of the 'Oprah effect.' People listen to Oprah," said Melinda.

The Facebook page was created by Kansas City resident, Christine Barbour.

Her friend, Deliece, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time Deliece's six-year-old son, Braden, was battling a rare form of the disease.

" The big thing she said was I learned more during my first one hour doctor appointment about my breast cancer than I have in almost three years about Braden's cancer," said Barbour in a phone interview yesterday afternoon.

Their goal is to bring more awareness and funding to the number one disease killer of children and they are asking for your help.

" We're not asking for money, we're not asking for time, we're just asking for you to go and click like on a Facebook page and just by doing that you could be saving kids lives," said Barbour.

KSBY News put in a few calls to the Oprah Show. A member of Oprah's Affiliate Relations team said she could confirm that there are no plans to do a show on childhood cancer in the immediate future. She also could not confirm whether the show's producers knew about the Facebook page and are possibly having discussions to produce a show on this issue later in the season.

Click here to join in on the effort to get Oprah to do a show on childhood cancer.


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