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Aug 17, 2010 3:36 PM by Carina Corral

Mother-in-law issues? Support group for new parents at a local hospital covers it all

Moms, babies, nursing and conversation.

It is the perfect making for a support group at Twin Cities Hospital called the "Newborn and Parent Support," or NAPS, group.

Through honest and candid conversations these new parents, mostly new moms, meet every Monday to help each other during some of their most difficult times.

" Anything from feeding to medical questions to car seats to mother-in-law issues to husband issues we cover almost everything," said Registered Nurse Marna Moore-Barr, who leads the discussion, while moms also share their own real life experiences.

" You meet people who have the exact same problems, the exact same concerns you do. You're not alone out there because it may feel that you are, but you're not," said Julie Haggie, a mother of two who has been coming to this group for more than a year.

It is their time to vent and relate.

" If someone has had a rough we they can break down and no body cares and it doesn't leave the room," said Haggie.

Or sometimes new parents just need that extra reminder.

" Even if things are not seeming all that wonderful that you're still doing a really good job as a parent and that's what we're here to do is just kind of soothe those fears away," said Moore-Barr.

If nothing else it's a play date for kids, babies and mommies.

" Just the interaction. It gets you out of the house, which is half of it because with a new baby it's hard to leave," said Haggie.

A place where new moms can do what they do best: nurse, chat and swaddle.

The support groups are free and open to all new parents.

They meet every Monday at the Founder's Pavilion at Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton.


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