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Nov 2, 2010 3:33 PM by Carina Corral

The American Heart Association wants companies to Start! Eating Healthy

The American Heart Association is joining forces with workplaces across the nation Wednesday, November 3 when employers are encouraged to:

- Serve only healthy foods in the cafeteria
- Turn off the vending machines for the day or fill them with healthy alternatives
- Pass out green apples to all the employees with some healthy eating tips
- Organize a farmer's market in the office during the lunch hour
- Replace donuts with fruit and low fat muffins at breakfast meetings

French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo is one employer taking part in the campaign.

"Creating and encouraging healthy eating in the workplace isn't always easy and can't be done alone. This is where the American Heart Association's Start! campaign can help," says Alan Iftiniuk, CEO and President of French Hospital Medical Center. "They are dedicated to helping adults get and stay healthy in the workplace, at home and everywhere in between. That is why French Hospital is the premier sponsor of the San Luis Obispo County Start! program."

Employees can also take part in National Start! Eating Healthy Day individually by:

- Bringing your lunch to work so you can control what you eat
- Discover a new, healthy recipe and prepare it for your family or friends
- Make a stop at the grocery store on your way home so you can stock up on healthy snacks and food items

The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition to reduce a person's risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


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