You're now eighteen and as an adult you have responsibility even on the Internet.

Let's talk about music on the Internet.

Everyone in the last ten years thinks free music is OK. Free music is not OK, because someone out there is using music and you are not paying the royalties. You need to, if you are going to use music, pay the pennies on any one of the websites online, download, and pay for it. If you don't, as an adult, you could actually be sued and it has been done across California to random people for downloading music. I know that I sound like a person crying wolf, but the truth is; pay the pennies for the music, you're going to be better off, you will have no risk, and you will be a responsible adult.

Let's talk next about Facebook and everything that is going on there.

Facebook is a wonderful methodology of communicating with each other, but also on Facebook are pictures. Pictures of parties, underage kids doing things they shouldn't do that can, and are, being used in lawsuits, and to prosecute kids for unlawful activity.

You've got to be careful about what you put on Facebook.

Lastly, I want to talk about something that young people often times don't really understand, and that is sexting.

When a person texts a photograph of themselves or someone they know and love, that exposes a private part of that person to the public, it is out there forever. You need to know and understand it, it is a modern phenomenon but it's there. You need to have good judgment. It is one thing if it happens when you are an adult, or as a minor.

But if it happens and you are an adult, you can actually be charged with a crime. And the crime is one of putting pornography over the Internet. If you have a photograph that you put out over the Internet of any person under the age of 18, including yourself, it is a crime. Don't do it, use good judgment, understand the parameters of what you can use the Internet for and what you can't.

Lastly let me tell you, if you download photographs on your computer that you know are of children or people under the age of eighteen, you need to know; it's a crime, it's punishable, they are going after them all over the place, and I am in the field that understands it and sees it, and I need to tell you; just don't do it. It goes back to the first thing we talked about, when you turn age eighteen, you're responsible. You're responsible for yourself, for your loved ones and the people around you. Be responsible, use the Internet wisely.

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