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    Beloved Zoo to You tiger dies at 19

    Posted 12:09 AM 1/24/2014 by Kathy Kuretich

    Before her eyes had even opened, David Jackson, Zoo to You Director, rescued Jasmine at just three weeks-old from a Seattle zoo that bred tigers illegally.Shortly after, she made her television debut on the set of KSBY's Daybreak, almost 20 years ago.

    Jasmine was first introduced to (More) • Video (1)

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    Firefighters come to rescue of dog in an embarrassing and tight spot

    Posted 4:20 PM 12/2/2013 by Jeanette Trompeter

    It's one of those tug at your heart-strings stories: Local firefighters come to the rescue of a puppy in trouble. It happened today in San Luis Obispo. A small ranch dog chased a squirrel into a 4-inch irrigation pipe. The squirrel made it though, the dog did not. The poor pup got stuck. The dogs (More) • Video (1)

    New therapy dog sees patients at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center

    Posted 3:59 PM 11/19/2013 by Kathy Kuretich

    Reno, a two year-old Australian Shepard and therapy dog, has a bedside manner that is friendly and infectious. He makes his rounds at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, giving those who need it most, a healthy dose of joy.

    "The love. Unconditional love. It's wonderful," said patient (More) • Video (1)


    Pet Tales: Meet Princess

    Posted 9:07 AM 10/18/2013 by KSBY News

    Meet Princess from the Woods Humane Society! She is a 2-year-old American Pitbull Terrier and would be a great running partner!  She has high energy, and she is a very loving and a loyal dog. She is scared of cats but plays well with other dogs. 

    Woods Humane Society is open every day from Noon to 6pm and is located at 875 Oklahoma Avenue in San Luis Obispo. 

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    Wiggle, waggle and walk for Woods Humane Society this weekend

    Wiggle, waggle and walk for Woods Humane Society this weekend

    Posted 4:10 PM 10/16/2013 by Jeanette Trompeter

    Pet lovers may want to make time in their weekend to head to Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo this weekend. The Wiggle Waggle walk is a fundraiser for Woods Humane Society and you'll find dogs and their owners in costume for this fun event.

    There is a 1-mile K9 pledge walk, a pet fair (More)

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    Pet Tales: Meet Ceasar

    Posted 8:25 AM 8/30/2013

    Come on over to Woods Humane Society and meet Ceasar!  Ceasar is 6-years-old and would be a great family companion!  Get to know him more by watching the video!

    Woods Humane Society is located at 875 Oklahoma Avenue in San Luis Obispo.  They are open from 12 to 6 every day. 

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    Pet Tales: Meet Harrison!

    Posted 1:14 PM 8/16/2013

    Meet Harrison from Woods Humane Society, a true gentle and loving giant! He is 2 years old and will need a home that gives him plenty of emotional and physical stimulation.  Watch the video to learn more about Harrison!

    And if you want to meet him, visit Woods Humane Society at 875 Oklahoma Avenue any time between noon and 6 pm, seven days a week. 

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    Pet Tales: Meet Maggie

    Posted 9:22 AM 8/2/2013 by KSBY News

    Meet Maggie, a sweet 4-year-old American Bulldog at the Woods Humane Society. Watch the video and get to know a little about her!

    Woods Humane Society is located at 875 Oklahoma Avenue in San Luis Obispo. 

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    Pet Tales: Meet Violet

    Pet Tales: Meet Violet

    Posted 9:25 AM 6/21/2013 by KSBY News

    Meet Violet, a darling Chihuahua/Corgi mix from the Woods Humane Society. Violet is looking for a new forever home!  

    Woods Humane Society is located at 875 Oklahoma Avenue in San Luis Obispo. 

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    It's all about kittens!

    It's all about kittens!

    Posted 9:42 AM 6/7/2013 by KSBY News

    Well, really it is all about cats at the Woods Humane Society where you can name your own price for any cat 6 months old and older!

    But there are kittens galore at Woods Humane Society and many of the shelters along the Central Coast. 

    Click into this story for more information and a directory of animal shelters. 

SLO County Animal Shelters

ASAP:  Animal Shelter
Adoption Partners

900 Stagecoach, Arroyo Grande
Phone: (805) 489-0689

North County Humane Society
2300 Ramona Road, Atascadero
Phone: (805) 466-5403

SLO County Animal Services
885 Oklahoma Ave, SLO
Phone: (805) 781-4400

Second Chance at Love
P.O. Box 396, Templeton
Phone: (805) 434-3982

Pounce Cat Shelter
259 Los Padres, Los Osos
Phone: (805) 528-2917

Woods Humane Society
875 Oklahoma Ave, SLO
Phone: (805) 543-9316


SB County Animal Shelters

DAWG: Dog Adoption & Welfare Group
5480 Overpass, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 681-0561

Animal Services: Lompoc Shelter
1501 West Central, Lompoc
Phone: (805) 737-7755

Animal Services: Santa Barbara Shelter
5473 Overpass Road, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-5285

Animal Services: Santa Maria Shelter
548 West Foster, Santa Maria
Phone: (805) 934-6119

Santa Maria Valley Humane Society
751 Black Road, Santa Maria
Phone: (805) 349-3435

Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society
111 Commerce, Buellton
Phone: (805) 688-8224