After more than 30 years of practicing law in the San Luis Obispo community, Ernst Law Group is giving back by offering legal tips and advice. Check back often for more tips and advice. 

Ernst Law Group represents only the injured parties against insurance companies or large corporations. We never do defense work. We never will. The defense wants to minimize the amount of money given to our clients, even when they are responsible. We never will fight for the corporate bottom line. We fight for the individual who is trying to put their life back together.

We specialize in serious personal injury. We hire the best experts and pay all of the costs. You pay nothing and no fee unless we win. Why is this? We are confident in our ability to prove your case. Our firm has the expertise that you can count on.

When someone is taken from your life because of wrongdoing of a corporation, there is nothing you can do to get them back. A corporation should have to account for the loss it made you suffer. Corporations only respond to their bottom line: money. Punish the corporation, and we are all taking steps to make sure the wrong doing is less likely to happen again, to anyone else.

Don Ernst has over 35 years of experience representing people who have been seriously injured or defrauded. His firm, the Ernst Law Group, fights for the individual against insurance companies and large corporations. With 5 attorneys and a large support staff, Don Ernst has successfully won hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients. These recoveries have been in personal injury, wrongful death, and consumer insurance litigation.

Awards speak to the success of Don's firm. The Don Ernst has the highest rating for ethics and skill from the premier legal rating service (see, membership in the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates, and "Trial Lawyer of the Year" awards (Central Coast Trial Lawyers' Association) in 1998, 2002 and 2009.

Not only was Don Ernst and his firm recognized in the Central Coast, but in 2011, Don Ernst had two separate nominations for California Trial Lawyer of the Year.

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Bicycle Accident Attorney

To avoid accidents of any kind, cyclists and vehicle drivers should follow rules and respect one another's rights. To learn more about rights and rules of bicycles on the road, click here

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Although motorcycles guarantee excellent fuel efficiency when used as means for transport, operating one requires a high level of coordination in comparison to driving a car. For more information about motorcycle safety and stastitics, and actions to take after an accident, click here

Oil Rig Accident Attorney

For a worker that makes a decent salary on an offshore platform, the idea of an accident occurring should rightfully worry them. After all, the location of a platform can often be miles away from civilization, meaning the only people in the area that can help are the local Coast Guard. Click here to read more about how to prevent accidents, liability, legal options and more. 

You Are 18 Now: Information You Need to Know

You are eighteen now, you're an adult but you're not twenty-one. You can do everything, just about, except drink alcohol, legally. If you are male, did you know you still have to enlist in the draft? Learn more here about the freedoms of reaching the age of eighteen, but also about the responsibilities that come along with adulthood. 

You Are 18 Now: Internet Responsibility

Here we continue our series of turning eighteen and cover the responsiblities of the Internet. From downloading music, to Facebook and even sexting, the Internet is unforgiving and a permanent place to upload photos and information. We provide you with valuable information in this attached article.

Information You Need to Know in Case of an Accident

If you or your loved one has suffered serious injury or been a victim of fraud, please reach out to one of our San Luis Obispo Injury Attorneys today. You can contact the firm at (800) 941-9930. It is free, and we can provide you with the knowledge you need to take care of you and your family. Click here for more resources and information to help you in case of an automobile or motorcycle accident.

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