Pet Tales

    Pet Tales

    Local cat rescue helping out with Los Angeles hoarding situation

    Local cat rescue helping out with Los Angeles hoarding situation

    Posted 9:05 PM 12/20/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    A local rescue group is stepping up to help cats from a terrible hoarding situation in Los Angeles. North County Paws Cause is taking in as many cats as they can from a house with more than 60 - living in deplorable conditions.

    Most of the cats, now removed from the hoarder's home (More)

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    Pets homeless after Sandy look for new homes

    Pets homeless after Sandy look for new homes

    Posted 10:54 AM 11/15/2012 by Kelly Orsini, NBC News

    Dozens of cats and dogs left homeless by Hurricane Sandy are now looking for new homes in Florida.

    Volunteers from Daytona Beach-based Animal Rescue, Need & Intervention (ARNI) traveled to the worst hit areas in the days after the storm.

    They went to help provide food and care (More)

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    Halloween not just for kids...check out doggie costumes this weekend.

    Posted 5:31 PM 10/24/2012 by Jeanette Trompeter

    Proving Halloween isn't just for kids, Calcareous Vineyard is holding a Doggie Costume ContestSunday, October 28th from1-3:00 pm.   Dress up your pooch in their favorite Halloween costume (or yours) and head up to Calcareous on Peachy Canyon Road in Paso Robles for some (More)


    Injured, neglected pit bull needs a foster home

    Posted 6:59 PM 7/12/2012 by Kathy Kuretich, KSBY News

    A pit bull was found caught in a fence in San Luis Obispo County, apparently she was there for days. Now, she desperately needs to find a home, because a rescue group says animals with injuries are often overlooked at shelters, especially pit bulls.

    According to rescue group Shadow's (More)


    Spending on pets goes up for 2012

    Posted 3:31 PM 6/4/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    How much do you spend on your pet every year? According to the ASPCA, Americans drop $695-dollars on dogs and $670-dollars on cats for food and medical care alone. 10 year-old maltese bichon, Blanca is one spoiled and happy dog. "Every six weeks she gets her hair cut and (More)

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    The surprising stats on this year's kitten season

    Posted 5:12 PM 5/28/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    In this week's Pet Tales, it's all about kittens!

    During the spring and early summer, shelters and non-profit groups gear up for a population explosion.

    And with this year's mild winter, kitten season was predicted to be one of the worst.

    We checked-in with shelters across (More)


    What to do if your pet goes missing

    Posted 5:46 PM 5/7/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    If your pet has ever gone missing, you know it can be a devastating time. The constant worry if they're hungry, hurt or even worse. But humane groups say, it's fairly common - one in three pets will go missing at one point in their lives.

    In late April, Roseanne Alwen was (More)


    Atascadero dog rescue, Foxy Doxy Dachshund

    Atascadero dog rescue, Foxy Doxy Dachshund

    Posted 5:31 PM 4/2/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    When it comes to pet adoptions, rescue groups are often the unsung heroes finding dogs and cats forever homes.They'll take dogs out of shelters who are over-looked, or considered unadoptable.

    "We'll take the broken, we'll take the sick, we'll take the aggressive, we'll take the old," (More)


    Veterinarian comes to the financial rescue of a dog with life threatening injuries

    Veterinarian comes to the financial rescue of a dog with life threatening injuries

    Posted 5:08 PM 3/26/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    For the Frice family and their dogs Lucy and Mia, it all happened within minutes.Through an open gate, the dogs got out of the yard and were both hit by a truck on busy Los Osos Valley road, Tuesday night.

    Mark Frice, the dog's owner, and his children Carly and Ethan rushed them to (More)

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    Woods Humane Society marks a major milestone

    Woods Humane Society marks a major milestone

    Posted 6:41 PM 3/8/2012 by Kathy Kuretich

    Woods Humane Society marked a major milestone, Thursday -- they altered their 13,000th animal.Their surgical suite opened in 2006.It was designed to spay and neuter just Woods' animals.But now, they service all San Luis Obispo County Animal Services' dogs and cats and dozens of (More)

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