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Arroyo Grande students launch weather balloon

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Students at Branch Elementary school launched a full-scale weather balloon in partnership with PG&E and Vandenberg Air Force base Tuesday.

PG&E donated the balloon to go up at the school's weather station, where it has been sitting for the last year. Before it was released, students estimated which direction it would travel in after it reached a few thousand feet of altitude.

Students walked out to the school's athletic field and launched the balloon with faculty and staff.

Once in the air, the balloon will send back information to the weather station for students to research and learn from.

Students said they enjoyed the launch and the program helps them learn about weather forecasting in a tangible way.

"I love the weather I like learning about clouds and how they're formed and the weather cycle and everything," said Elliot Cookson, 6th grade student. "I'm really glad our school does this. I feel like instead of people just writing it down. It's real. It's less of a dream, more of a reality."

Staff installed the weather station with help from PG&E two years ago and said students have learned a lot about weather and science as a result.