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UPDATE: County approves funding for design of Cave Landing management plan

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UPDATE: The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 Tuesday morning to fund $25,000 for the design and engineering of a Cave Landing Parking Lot Management Plan.

It's a popular spot for locals and tourists and unfortunately, a hot spot for crime, trash, and graffiti.

One major issue with Pirate's Cove is the parking and that will be addressed with a renewed plan.

The dirt lot has huge dips that can ruin a car or a driver can get stuck in it.

It's possible all the dips could be filled with dirt if this plan moves forward.

"It's a really beautiful place and there's beautiful people and there's a lot of trash," said Chandra Langille who often picks up trash around Pirate's Cove.

She doesn't get paid to clean up after others. She volunteers her time.

"It's just really disheartening to me and I think that it should be picked up and if I have some free time that it's something that I can do to pitch in to help out and I feel like it's what I'm being told to do, so I do it," Langille explained.

But there's a pile up of issues at Pirate's Cove that goes beyond the trash. Perhaps the one that's more permanent caught the eye of first time visitor, Lesley Miller.

"I see the magnificence of this cave and the water behind it and I'm astonished and so sad when I see this graffiti that someone would put their mark of painting on such a beautiful majestic spot," said Miller who is visiting from New Jersey.

"As more and more people come to the location we get more and more graffiti on the rock which destroys the natural beauty here and it destroys the cultural significance as well," said Nick Franco, Director of San Luis Obispo County Parks. 

In 2014, a plan to clean up Pirate's Cove was denied by the Coastal Commission. Franco says the new plan is much more low scale, smaller and natural than the original plan. It'll also cost significantly less money, possibly a few hundred thousand dollars compared to the original $1,000,000+.  
"There's been continuing issues here so we've been directed to consider starting back up the project. That's what we're doing so Tuesday is the decision to start back up the project not to fully fund everything, but to fund just enough to start it back up," Franco said.

County Parks will ask the County Board of Supervisors for the $25,000 to cover the design and engineering for a new plan.