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  • Santa Maria police looking for person responsible in the stabbing death of man

    June 20, 2012 8:44 PM

    Santa Maria police are looking for the person responsible for fatally stabbing a man early Wednesday. KSBY has learned the victim, who was in his late 40's, was stabbed in the chest. It happened on North Broadway and Bunny Street. Police got a call around 2:45 AM... more »
  • Santa Barbara County District Attorney finds Covarrubias Jr. shooting as lawfully justified

    June 19, 2012 4:47 PM

    The Santa Barbara County District Attorney has found the shooting death of Santa Maria Officer Albert Covarrubias Jr. as lawfully justified. District Attorney Joyce Dudley made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. Covarrubias Jr. was shot by another city officer when two supervisors tried to arrest him while on duty... more »
  • SMPD volunteers restore presidential humvee

    June 1, 2012 9:31 PM

    A humvee used by the secret service to protect president Ronald Reagan during the 1980's when he visited his Santa Barbara County ranch has been restored by police volunteers from Santa Maria. The vehicle was returned to the former "Western White House" ranch in a motorcade Friday morning from... more »
  • Study: High school dropout rates high in California

    March 19, 2012 8:41 PM

    A new study shows California as one of the top 10 states where high school graduation rates are declining, but there are positive signs on the Central Coast. The study by "America's Promise Alliance" shows 71% of high school students in California received their high school diplomas in 2009.... more »
  • Low income Santa Maria students receive free dinners through government-funded program

    March 13, 2012 10:08 PM

    About 300 students in the Santa Maria-Bonita School District are now receiving free dinners, through a government-funded program. The "Supper Program" gives needy students free and healthy dinners. According to school administrators, about 80% of the students in Santa Maria come from low-income families. Right now, only three... more »
  • Local health officials warn about TB outbreak

    October 12, 2011 11:42 PM

    There is concern tonight about the latest outbreak of tuberculosis cases in Santa Barbara County. County health officials say there have been 17 confirmed cases this year. 14 of them are in northern Santa Barbara County. There were 33 cases last year and that was the highest in recent... more »
  • SB County Active Warrants Web Page leading to arrests

    July 18, 2011 9:14 PM

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's detectives say they have made about a dozen arrests thanks to a website they launched in January. It's called the Top Ten Active Warrants Web Page on the sheriff's website. Many of people on the site are suspected criminals who have skipped out on court... more »
  • Day Reporting Center graduates first class from Santa Maria

    July 8, 2011 1:48 AM

    25 former state prison inmates have set their sights on a better future after graduating today from a life skills program in Santa Maria. The program at the "Day Reporting Centers" helps parolees re-enter society in Santa Barbara County. The pilot programs began last year in Santa Maria and Santa... more »
  • Santa Maria Police face day one of jail closure

    June 27, 2011 10:32 PM

    If there wasn't enough going on in Santa Maria today for police, today was the first day they had to deal with a new way of handling anyone they want take to jail. As part of budget cuts, the branch of the Santa Barbara County jail that is located... more »
  • SB County budget approved; SM jail goes part time

    June 17, 2011 9:23 PM

    The Santa Maria jail will only stay open three days a week. Santa Barbara county supervisors approved the 2011-2012 budget after five days of intense discussion. They allocated $360,000 for the Santa Maria jail. That's enough to keep it open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8pm-4am. The decision to... more »
  • Santa Maria Jail will stay open part time

    June 17, 2011 3:46 PM

    The Santa Maria jail will remain open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8pm-4am. All other days local law enforcement in north county will have to cite and release anyone they arrest or transport them to the main jail in Goleta. The decision is just a part of the 2011-2012... more »
  • Drug detectives calling on public to help stop outdoor marijuana grows

    June 9, 2011 9:45 PM

    Santa Barbara County drug detectives need your help to stop deadly and dangerous outdoor marijuana grows. Each summer, the sheriff's office says narcotics officers destroy hundreds of thousands of marijuana plants grown illegally in remote locations throughout the county. This year, detectives are distributing fliers encouraging people to report... more »
  • Home Care Providers Budget Protest

    June 7, 2011 5:58 PM

    Dozen of home health care providers opposed to possible budget cuts took their message to county government officials in Santa Maria this morning. The workers say they are concerned cuts could affect care for their clients who are elderly or vulnerable. They also expect more than one hundred workers could... more »
  • Fire season declared in Santa Barbara County

    June 6, 2011 9:57 PM

    High fire season began today in Santa Barbara County. There is some hope our late rains will help limit wildfires this year, but fire crews have some advice on how to protect your home. "People are having to cut their grass maybe two or three times this year because... more »
  • Judge approves Cold Spring Bridge suicide barrier

    May 31, 2011 9:55 PM

    A Santa Barbara Superior Court judge ruled Caltrans can get back to work on the Cold Spring Bridge suicide barrier. The agency began construction on the barrier last June. A judge stopped the project in July and asked for more review and public input. The bridge links Santa Ynez with... more »
  • Living Green: County wastewater plant installing thousands of solar panels

    May 25, 2011 9:52 PM

    In tonight's Living Green, one of the largest solar projects in Santa Barbara County is getting underway next month on the outskirts of Santa Maria. The Laguna County Sanitation District has contracted with premier power to install more than 4,000 solar panels on four acres adjacent to the wastewater... more »
  • SB County considers charging for beach parking

    May 17, 2011 8:47 PM

    Starting next year, you could have to shell out cash to park at your favorite Santa Barbara County beach. The county has proposed parking fees at all seven of its beach access parks. Fees could range from $3-$8 per day. The Parks Department estimates that could generate $3-$7 million... more »
  • Kayaks and canoes launch at Lake Cachuma for the first time

    April 15, 2011 11:46 PM

    For the first time a popular lake in Santa Barbara County is opening its waters to canoes and kayaks. Friday was the first day kayaks and canoes could cruise Lake Cachuma. A spokesperson for Santa Barbara County Parks says he's hoping the change will expand the lake's recreational opportunities,... more »
  • Two-car crash on Highway 154 sends four people to the hospital

    April 3, 2011 12:14 AM

    A crash on a notoriously dangerous highway left several people hurt Saturday night. Santa Barbara County firefighters say the crash happened at the intersection of Highway 154 and West Camino Cielo. Four people were taken to the hospital and one person suffered major injuries. Emergency crews say one... more »
  • Most local reservoirs are above capacity

    March 29, 2011 7:15 PM

    The recent storms have filled most of the reservoirs in our region. SLO County Nacimiento Lake Reservoir - 100% Santa Margarita Reservoir- 103.1% Lopez Lake Reservoir - 89.9% Whale Rock Reservoir - 71.2% SB County Gibraltar Reservoir - 101.6% Cachuma Reservoir -... more »
  • Three people hospitalized after head-on collision on Highway 154

    March 20, 2011 6:11 PM

    Three people are recovering after a head-on collision on Highway 154 late Saturday night. It happened around 10 p.m. Saturday about four miles north of Paradise Road. California Highway Patrol officers briefly closed the highway while firefighters cut three passengers out of the vehicles. They were all taken to... more »
  • Man leads officers on wild chase after fatal hit and run

    March 18, 2011 9:14 PM

    A man led California Highway Patrol officers on a wild chase from Ventura through Santa Barbara County after they say he killed a motorcyclist in a hit and run. CHP officers and sheriff's deputies say the chase started in Ventura County just north of Del Norte on Highway 101... more »
  • Local search dogs aiding rescue efforts in Japan

    March 16, 2011 9:19 PM

    We have new video tonight of some local firefighters and their search dogs, helping out in japan. Those firefighters and their search dogs are combing through wreckage in Ofunato City. That's on the northeast coast of Japan. Three Santa Barbara County firefighters arrived this weekend at Misawa Air Base.... more »
  • Plans to merge Lompoc's fire services halted

    March 16, 2011 5:35 PM

    Plans to merge Lompoc's fire services with Santa Barbara County's hit a dead end Tuesday night. The city council voted four to zero to halt the merger. The council says the estimated price tag was just too high at almost $6 million. That is almost twice what... more »
  • Violent crime continues to rise in unincorporated areas of SB County

    March 2, 2011 7:49 PM

    Some new numbers released Wednesday show violent crime is on the rise in unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County. Overall, crime in the county dropped 5 percent in 2010, but residents say the increase in violent crime is surprising. Violent crime includes homicide, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.... more »
  • Lawsuit claims DUI checkpoints are illegal

    February 22, 2011 9:17 PM

    A lawsuit in Santa Barbara County is questioning the legality of DUI checkpoints. A Superior Court judge in Santa Barbara could decide to change the way police departments perform DUI checkpoints. A court date is set for Wednesday. Santa Barbara Defense Attorney Darryl Genis says officers aren't following standard... more »
  • VITA Program provides free tax prep in SB County

    February 19, 2011 10:06 PM

    It's tax time and a group of volunteers in Santa Barbara County is helping low-income residents file their returns for free. If you made less than $49,000 last year and you are not self-employed the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, or VITA, could be for you. This year... more »
  • New jail for Santa Barbara County depends on county and state budgets

    February 17, 2011 9:31 PM

    There is still a big need for a new jail in Santa Barbara county to address overcrowding after voters failed to pass Measure "S" last November. The sheriff's office is waiting to see what the county and state budgets look like before laying out any more plans. The current... more »
  • Rancher fed up with problems from oil drilling on his property

    January 13, 2011 2:13 PM

    A rancher near Los Alamos is outraged after he says a local oil company is leaving a mess on his property. Robert Fulton says oil from B.E. Conway Energy is mixing with water on his land, killing livestock and wildlife. B.E. Conway Energy says it's following all the rules.... more »
  • New webpage helps track down criminals

    January 12, 2011 10:46 PM

    A new tool is helping Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies and the public track down suspected criminals who skip out on their court dates. It's called the Top Ten Active Warrants webpage. It first launched in November on the county sheriff's website. Officers say the site has already led to... more »
  • SB County budget deficit could reach $90 million

    January 7, 2011 9:28 PM

    Santa Barbara County leaders are bracing for massive cuts to handle this year's budget shortfall. County leaders say in the worst case, this year's budget deficit could be as much as $90 million. That's more than double last year's shortfall of about $40 million. The county employs close to... more »
  • Santa Barbara County supervisors face another large-scale deficit

    January 7, 2011 1:22 PM

    Despite an economic upturn, Santa Barbara County is looking at 60-90 million dollar budget deficit as we kick off the new year. County supervisors say 90 million is a worse case scenario. Some of the options include job cuts, curbing employee pensions, and fewer board of supervisor meetings. ... more »
  • County expands medical services for the homeless

    December 13, 2010 9:53 PM

    Santa Barbara County health experts are helping those without a home this winter get better access to medical care. Santa Barbara County Public Health is expanding its Health Care for the Homeless program. A report released in July showed 45 homeless people died between January 2009 and March of... more »
  • Local school districts see growing number of homeless students

    December 8, 2010 9:54 PM

    The Central Coast is seeing a record number of homeless kids in local school districts and some educators say it's affecting their ability to teach. So far this year, Santa Barbara County has identified more than 45-hundred homeless students. That number has more than doubled from just two years... more »
  • Local schools seeing greater number of homeless children

    December 8, 2010 1:24 PM

    The number of homeless children in Santa Barbara County is on the rise. Federal law defines homeless students as those who lack a "fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence. It includes children living in homeless shelters, motels, campgrounds and cars, as well as children living doubled or tripled up.... more »
  • Body of veteran scuba diver found near Santa Cruz Island

    December 6, 2010 12:39 AM

    The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Coroner is searching for answers in the death of a scuba diver who disappeared while diving off Santa Cruz Island this weekend. That's located just off the coast of Santa Barbara. Deputies say 27-year-old Kristopher Carlsen was diving for lobster with his father... more »
  • Lawsuit filed to preserve prime farmland

    November 22, 2010 1:06 PM

    A nonprofit law firm is suing the city of Lompoc. The group says it violated the California Environmental Quality Act by approving the Environmental Impact Report for the Lompoc's 2030 General Plan Update. The Environmental Defense Center is filing the lawsuit on behalf of the Santa Barbara County Action... more »
  • County takes a stand against underage tobacco use

    November 9, 2010 10:01 PM

    Santa Barbara County Supervisors hope some new rules will keep tobacco out of the hands of minors. They voted unanimously today to ban all new businesses from selling tobacco products within 1,000 feet of a school. It will also strengthen penalties and fees. Retailers caught breaking the law three... more »
  • County leaders settle legal battle involving endangered salamander

    November 9, 2010 9:36 PM

    The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors has reached a deal with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore a pond in Lompoc. It's all to protect an endangered species. The California Tiger Salamander has been on the federal endangered species list since 2000. In 2004, the county... more »
  • High voter turnout expected in SLO and SB Counties

    November 2, 2010 8:15 PM

    Both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties are expecting high voter turnout this election. Election officials in both counties say polling places have seen a steady flow of voters throughout the day. The San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder's Office says it usually sees a 60 to... more »
  • Vandenberg fire burning on base near old explosives

    October 28, 2010 11:01 PM

    Fire crews says the brush fire has scorched 400 acres, but is weakening. They say the six structures threatened initially are no longer in danger, but there are still some concerns. Firefighters say the fire is burning near a large number of old explosive devices from previous wars. That's... more »
  • Sheriff's deputies push for their own association

    October 20, 2010 1:44 AM

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies are moving forward with the creation of a separate association just for them. They want to create the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies Association. It would not include correction's deputies or investigators from welfare and fraud. Deputies say having their own association would make it... more »
  • Zero Tolerance Campaign cracks down on distracted drivers

    October 12, 2010 8:52 PM

    The California Highway Patrol will be targeting distracted drivers tomorrow and Thursday. CHP officers will join law enforcement officers throughout Santa Barbara County to aggressively seek out drivers talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device. The CHP says in 2008 more than 30,000 drivers in California got... more »
  • Superior Court Judges back Measure S

    October 12, 2010 8:38 PM

    Some Superior Court Judges in Santa Barbara County announced today they're supporting Measure "S". The intiative would impose a half-cent sales tax that would raise money to build another county jail and provide more funding to law enforcement and rehabilitation programs. One judge called it "the most important vote... more »
  • Judges take a stand on Measure S

    October 12, 2010 5:15 PM

    Sitting judges from throughout Santa Barbara County have endorsed Measure S. Judges traditionally only endorse judicial races and remain neutral on elected officials and measures. Because Measure S directly impacts the criminal justice system, judges are taking an active role in the campaign. Both sides turned out this... more »
  • Judges publicly support Measure S

    October 12, 2010 1:23 PM

    Sitting judges from throughout Santa Barbara County have endorsed Measure S. Judges traditionally only endorse judicial races and remain neutral on elected officials and measures. Because Measure S directly impacts the criminal justice system, judges are taking an active role in the campaign. Measure S is a 1/2... more »
  • Overcrowded jail poses safety risks

    September 27, 2010 10:10 PM

    Measure "S" continues to be the hot button issue for Santa Barbara County as we inch closer to the November election. If passed by a two-thirds super majority, the initiative would impose a half cent sales tax. That would help build a new 300 bed facility in Santa Naria... more »
  • County could allow bow fishing at Lake Cachuma

    September 21, 2010 9:21 PM

    Calling all fishermen! Santa Barbara County leaders could soon allow bow fishing at Lake Cachuma. The county says the lake has seen a dramatic increase in the carp population there. Experts say too many carp can impact other desirable fish species like bass and also impact water quality. Sport fishing... more »
  • Injured hiker rescued in Santa Barbara County

    September 5, 2010 9:45 PM

    A hiker had to be rescued from Tunnel Trail near Seven Falls in Santa Barbara County Sunday afternoon, after falling about one story and hurting his arm. Several Santa Barbara County emergency agencies responded to the call but it was a helicopter that eventually located the 60-year-old man. A paramedic... more »
  • State bill would extend age limit on foster care

    August 26, 2010 9:58 PM

    In tonight's Your Family segment, new state legislation could give a helping hand to foster teens. Assembly Bill 12 would extend the age limit a teen can stay in foster care from 18 to 21. Local officials with child welfare services says many foster teens are forced to leave... more »
  • New state legislation could help local kids in foster care

    August 26, 2010 1:03 PM

    New state legislation could benefit foster kids in Santa Barbara County. Child Welfare Services says there are 550-600 foster kids in Santa Barbara County and currently, they can only stay in foster care until they turn 18. Child Welfare officials say many of those kids are often sent out... more »
  • Crash on Highway 154 sends one person to the hospital

    August 22, 2010 6:59 PM

    An early morning crash on Highway 154 sends one person to the hospital with major injuries. It happened near the entrance to Lake Cachuma just after 4 a.m. A Santa Barbara County Fire spokesperson says a single vehicle crashed into a tree. Crews worked for 45 minutes to extricate the... more »
  • DUI checkpoint underway on Highway 154

    August 21, 2010 7:36 PM

    CHP officers are in the midst of another checkpoint on Highway 154 in Santa Barbara County. That checkpoint started at 4 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. Saturday. Officers will be checking for drunk drivers and valid driver's licenses between Stagecoach Road and East Camino Cielo.
  • Diesel spill shuts down portion of Highway 101

    August 21, 2010 7:23 PM

    A diesel spill on Highway 101 backed up traffic for miles this afternoon. It happened around 2:30 p.m. on Highway 101 at El Capitan. Santa Barbara County fire says a big rig lost one of its front tires, which then flew into the center divider and started a... more »
  • Local group wants better drug and alcohol treatment

    August 17, 2010 9:48 PM

    A local group is calling on Santa Barbara County leaders to change the way they handle drug and alcohol abuse. Families act says recent numbers from the county coroner's office show drug and alcohol-related deaths tripled from 2008 to 2009. They say rehabilitation should be the main focus. In... more »
  • Local group questions county's approach to tackling drugs and alcohol

    August 17, 2010 12:56 PM

    A local grassroots organization is calling for alternative solutions to what they call a growing drug problem in Santa Barbara County. According to the group Families ACT!, alcohol and drug related deaths in the county tripled from 2008 to 2009. According to the county coroner's office the number of deaths... more »
  • Local parent concerned about childhood vaccinations

    August 14, 2010 8:22 PM

    Like it or not, many kids are getting ready to go back to school. For most parents, that means making sure their kids have the proper vaccinations, but there are parents who feel vaccinations aren't the way to go. Health experts say there has been an increase in the... more »
  • Harris Grade could be off limits to truckers

    August 10, 2010 9:34 PM

    A new rule banning certain trucks from traveling on the Harris Grade is one step closer to reality. The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the first reading of the rule this afternoon. It would restrict cars and trucks with trailers more than 30 feet long from driving... more »
  • Only a few days left to request a vote-by-mail ballot for upcoming special election

    August 7, 2010 11:04 PM

    The Special Election is right around the corner to fill Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado's 15th District senate seat, and if you want to vote by mail you only have a few more days to request a ballot. Tuesday, August 10 is the last day to request a ballot be mailed... more »
  • Body found on Nojoqui grade identified as missing man from LA

    August 4, 2010 9:09 PM

    Santa Barbara County investigators have identified the body of a man found on the Nojoqui Grade last month as 48-year-old Bernardo Alvarez of Tarzana. His body was found on July 15th while crews were putting out a small early morning brush fire. Two days later, the Los Angeles... more »
  • Santa Barbara County building evacuated as crews investigate suspicious device

    August 2, 2010 4:50 PM

    A Santa Barbara County building in Goleta has been evacuated after emergency crews received word of a suspicious device in the building. County fire crews have set up a staging area at 345 Camino del Remedio. The Santa Barbara Health Care Center is located in the building. Officials... more »
  • Local firefighters battling the Crown Fire

    July 30, 2010 7:53 PM

    Crews from the Central Coast are lending a helping hand at the Crown Fire. A handful of firefighters from Santa Barbara County are already on the front lines. The Lompoc Fire Department just sent a brush rig and a dispatcher down south to help, and they were ready... more »
  • Two arrested; one on the run after five month murder investigation

    July 26, 2010 9:20 PM

    Two suspects are in custody tonight and investigators are looking for a third. Detectives say all three played a role in the murder of 32-year-old Pedro Gonzalez. Back in February, Gonzalez's body was found dumped in a Broccoli field on Bonita School Road in Nipomo, about a quarter mile south... more »
  • County CEO awarded controversial retirement package

    July 23, 2010 9:28 PM

    In an era of budget cuts, Santa Barbara County's early retirement program is designed to save the county money, but for C.E.O. Mike Brown, it's apparently a different story. As part of Brown's early retirement, the county is paying him 165-thousand dollars of two year service credit through the... more »
  • Training programs boost confidence for the unemployed

    July 19, 2010 10:22 PM

    Despite drops in the unemployment rate at the state and national level, local cities are still seeing increases. San Luis Obispo County jumped from just above 9.5 percent in May to 10 percent last month. Within the county, Paso Robles rose from around 11 percent to nearly 12 percent.... more »
  • Santa Barbara County hopes to stop pertussis outbreak from reaching its borders

    July 19, 2010 3:18 PM

    The state has asked all women and seniors get vaccinated against Pertussis, or whooping cough, as the epidemic grows to 1,496 cases. Here at home, there have been more than 200 cases in San Luis Obispo County reported this year. Santa Barbara County has been spared from the... more »
  • Woman survives car crash, five days off Highway 166

    July 16, 2010 11:56 PM

    A Carlsbad woman is recovering at Marian Medical Center after spending five days at the bottom of a ravine off Highway 166. Some travelers spotted the woman, and her car, about 2.5 miles east of Tepusquet Road around 11:30 a.m. Investigators believe the actual accident happened five days... more »
  • Woman survives for five days after crashing car over cliff

    July 16, 2010 7:07 PM

    An amazing story of survival out of Santa Barbara County. The California Highway Patrol says a 54-year-old woman crashed her car 300-feet over the side of Highway 166, just east of Tepusquet road. She had been there for five days. Fortunately for her, a Phoenix family stopped in the... more »
  • Burned body discovered near Highway 101

    July 15, 2010 8:51 PM

    An early morning fire turns into a crime scene after firefighters discover a man's body. It happened just before 4:15 a.m. about a half mile south of the Nojoqui grade, near buellton. Santa Barbara County Sheriff's detectives are puzzled at what firefighters found while putting out an early morning... more »
  • Parents take caution: whooping cough cases spike across the state and here at home

    July 9, 2010 3:15 PM

    Weeks after being declared an epidemic, California public health officials report the number of whooping cough cases in the state has jumped by more than 400 in just two weeks; a quarter of those cases are right here on the Central Coast. Statewide, as of June 30, there have... more »
  • County leaders closer to approving new sales tax

    July 6, 2010 10:12 PM

    A new half percent sales tax in Santa Barbara County could be on your ballot in November. The Board of Supervisors approved the first reading of the tax this morning with a four to zero vote. It would generate $30 million annually for the county. That money would go... more »
  • U.S. Forest Service could resume night operations

    June 30, 2010 10:05 PM

    The U.S. Forest Service is deciding whether to make a key policy change affecting how it fights fires. The Forest Service currently does not fly at night, but a Southern California lawmaker is pushing for the change. The Forest Service stopped the practice in the early 1980s because of... more »
  • Barrier construction to begin on Cold Spring Bridge

    June 27, 2010 8:22 PM

    Construction begins Monday on a barrier that officials hope will prevent people from jumping off a local bridge. Dozens of people have committed suicide off the Cold Spring Bridge on Highway 154 in Santa Barbara County. Caltrans will install a grid mesh barrier along both sides of the... more »
  • First ever Children's Oral Health Summit in Santa Barbara County being held in Buellton

    June 25, 2010 2:55 PM

    One of the startling statistics expected to be presented at Santa Barbara County's first Oral Health Summit, which is being coordinated by the County's Office of Education, is that 40 percent of preschool children screened in the county have untreated tooth decay. The summit brought together health professionals, school... more »
  • Proposed sales tax would fund new jail in Santa Maria

    June 23, 2010 12:27 AM

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown wants to ask voters to approve a new sales tax in November. The proposal for a one-half percent sales tax went before the Board of Supervisors today. The money generated from the tax would go toward building a new 304-bed jail in Santa Maria... more »
  • Dudley sworn in as district attorney

    June 23, 2010 12:19 AM

    Santa Barbara County's new district attorney was sworn in this morning. The same judge who swore in Joyce Dudley as an attorney 20 years ago gave her the oath of office before a packed crowd inside the county building. After a bitter campaign, dudley says she is ready to... more »
  • Clues turn up in search for missing kayaker

    June 22, 2010 11:38 PM

    Crews have located the kayak and backpack belonging to 32-year-old Sean Fleming of Lompoc. He vanished Saturday afternoon after launching his kayak from Gaviota State Beach. He was reported missing Monday when he didn't show up for work. By air and by water, search crews from Santa Barbara county... more »
  • Election offices in SLO and Santa Maria will open Saturday ahead of Special Election

    June 18, 2010 6:24 PM

    The June 22 Special Election is just days away and two local counties are taking steps to help voters get to the polls. The Santa Barbara County elections office in Santa Maria will be open Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday's Special Election is for the... more »
  • New report shows the leading cause of death among children in Santa Barbara County

    June 18, 2010 3:12 PM

    A report shows medical conditions were the leading cause of death among children in Santa Barbara County from July 2007 through June 2009. 52 children, 17 years or younger, died between July 2007 and June 2008 and 45 died between July 2008 and June 2009. The report, released... more »
  • Dudley denies calling for Lynn's termination

    June 17, 2010 1:50 AM

    It's been a rough week for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office and today DA Elect Joyce Dudley spoke out for the first time, about the firing of Joshua Lynn. On Friday, Former Chief Trial Deputy Josh Lynn was told by acting D.A. Ann Bramsen that he was... more »
  • Central Coast county reports more than 100 cases of whooping cough

    June 10, 2010 3:45 PM

    100 cases and counting. A pertussis, or whooping cough, outbreak in San Luis Obispo County shows no signs of slowing. The numbers are startling when you look at years past. There were just two cases in 2009 and 17 in 2008. Santa Barbara County is not seeing... more »
  • Closer look at 5th district supervisor race

    June 8, 2010 8:43 PM

    One of the hottest races in Santa Barbara County is the 5th District County Board of Supervisor position. Current 5th District Supervisor Joe Centeno is retiring after two terms. Steve Lavagnino and Alice Patino are now vying for that spot. Their backgrounds are different but these candidates share many of... more »
  • Dudley and Lynn race to become district attorney

    June 8, 2010 8:27 PM

    Santa Barbara County voters will choose who should become the county's next top legal prosecutor. The race for district attorney has been a bitter in-house battle between Senior Deputy DA Joyce Dudley and Chief Trial Deputy Joshua Lynn. Ann Bramsen has been the acting DA since the late Christie Stanley... more »
  • Budget cuts could close county jail in Santa Maria

    June 4, 2010 9:47 PM

    The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department could shut down the Santa Maria jail to help balance the budget. The North County jail is located off Foster Road in Santa Maria. Shutting it down could save the county more than a million dollars. Without that jail, the C-H-P, Guadalupe Police... more »

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