Benefits of Dental Implants Versus Dentures

6:17 AM, Mar 29, 2019
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In the past, the only option for replacing missing teeth was partial or complete dentures. However, in recent years, the dental industry began offering new solutions, and dental implants have proven to be particularly popular. If you’re looking for a treatment for tooth loss, we compare dental implants versus dentures.


Full dentures are an option when all teeth on the lower or upper jaw have fallen out or have been removed. Patients get partial dentures when there are still some teeth in either jaw. A patient will get “complete dentures” if all teeth in both jaws are missing. For retention and support, partial dentures rely on the teeth remaining in the jaw. The teeth remaining need to be healthy enough to provide adequate support to the partial dentures. Otherwise, the partial dentures will move or fail to remain in place. Just like a complete denture, a partial denture is removable. The patient can remove the partial denture for cleaning. Before sleeping at night, the individual should remove the partial dentures. Usually, partial dentures have a metal frame on the inside for support. The hooks or metal clasps on the partial dentures are for holding onto the remaining teeth in the jaw. On the other hand, an upper complete denture uses suction to remain in place. Since the lower jaw has insufficient suction, a lower complete denture relies on muscle control and a tight fit for stability. Dentures cover the lower gums and the roof of the mouth. Due to this, complete dentures reduce the ability to taste by 70 percent. The main disadvantage of edentulism, or the condition of having no teeth, is progressive bone loss. Once a tooth is removed, there will be continued bone loss. Consequences of bone loss leads to changes in facial structures, collapsed of the bite and facial musculature and a significant decrease in one ability to chew food. Denture teeth can only bite with 6-8 lbs per square inch of biting pressure. A normal tooth can bite with an average of 250 lbs per square inch of pressure.

Dental Implants

More and more dental patients are choosing dental implants over dentures. A dental implant consists of a titanium fixture, which typically looks like a screw. The dental surgeon surgically places the dental implants to substitute the missing teeth. There are many different types of dental implants that patients can choose from. After the surgery, the implants will heal and become directly integrated to the patient’s jaw bone, becoming one with the jaw. The implants can then be used as an anchor for bridges, crowns, or even dentures. The type of definitive prosthesis attached to the dental implants will vary on a case by case basis. Dental implants will last so long as the bone holding the implants are healthy. In fact, once fully healed, dental implants function just like natural teeth. Perhaps the greatest advantage of dental implants is its ability to preserve and maintain jaw bone. Once a dental implant is placed, bone loss immediately stops. Blood flow is increased to areas where dental implants are placed and this begins the bone activity process. Bone loss immediately stops and bone preservation and maintenance begins wherever dental implants are placed. In addition, the teeth attached to the dental implants can exert the same amount or even greater biting pressure than natural teeth. If you want to replace your missing teeth to restore your beautiful smile, you may not be sure whether dental implants or dentures are the best option for you. Reach out to us to set up an appointment or consultation regarding the best choice of implant for your needs.

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