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10 pet items that blend in seamlessly with your home decor

10 pet items that blend in seamlessly with your home decor
Posted at 10:05 AM, Jul 27, 2023

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Very few of my friends have seen my bedroom, and that’s probably for the best. They might tease me if they saw the dog bed on the floor — with its gray-striped pattern that perfectly matches the comforter on our bed. I didn’t plan it this way! My husband happened to spot a bed for Jake that complemented our decor, and he couldn’t resist.

The fact is, these days a lot of pet items are designed to fit in with your home’s color schemes and furnishings. Here are 10 options to consider if you’d like to coordinate with your favorite animal friend.

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1. Wall-Mounted Fish Tank


Is it a fish tank or a lovely piece of wall decor? Why, it’s both! This wall-mounted mini-aquarium by Archie & Oscar will fit a goldfish, an African dwarf frog, a betta or any other small, low-maintenance, freshwater fish. You can buy a few of these tanks and place them strategically across your wall, sparking fun conversations among your house guests. Just keep in mind that the tank is pretty small: It holds only 1/2 gallon of water and is big enough for just one fish!

Buy the Wall-Mounted Fish Tank at Wayfair for $28.99 (was $50).

2. Abasi Pet Crate


Dog crates don’t have to look like canine jail cells. Just look at this one, which doubles as a sleek side table. Do you have a Shih Tzu, a pug or a chihuahua? If so, this 18-inch-wide and 25-inch-high crate will fit your pet perfectly. (If your fur baby is a husky or a lab, try this one instead; it comes in size extra large for dogs up to 100 pounds.)

Buy the Abasi Pet Crate at Wayfair for $249.99.

3. Purr-View Retro TV Cat Condo


Would you like to add a little whimsy to your living room vibe? Consider this cat condo disguised as a cool, retro TV. Sorry, there’s no remote control (or reception), but your cat will no doubt love the built-in scratching pad and the ball toy antennae. Who needs real movies when you have your own Butch Cat-sidy or Katy Purry to entertain you?

Buy the Purr-View Retro TV Cat Condo at Walmart for $44.97.

4. Bone Dry Pet Storage Basket


You’ve got to stash your pet’s toys somewhere, so you might as well put them in a cute basket shaped like a dog bone. These storage baskets come in three sizes (the largest is two feet long) and four colors. They can hold toys, leashes, blankets, collars and anything else the cat drags in.

Buy the Bone Dry Pet Storage Basket at Amazon for $37.87 (was $40.46).

5. Window Perch Bedside Lounge


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Would your little guy like to look out the window, gazing upon the natural beauty (and squirrels) outside? This perch for small dogs or cats (the bed size is 19.7 inches wide by 29.5 inches long), includes steps to climb up, ample storage space and a spot two beds (like pet bunk beds!). And the dark wood finish might blend in beautifully with your decor.

Buy the Window Perch Bedside Lounge at Amazon for $139.99.

6. Pet Feeding Cabinet


This piece of furniture blends in like any other side table or cabinet. But when it’s time for Fido or Kitty to eat, just pull out the bottom drawer and fill the bowls with the food you keep tucked inside the top drawer. It’s up to you if you want to leave it open once your pet is done eating. These bowls are low enough for all sizes of dogs, and the upper bin holds up to a medium-sized bag of pet food.

Buy the Pet Feeding Cabinet at Wayfair for $147.17 (was $159).

7. Nate & Jeremiah Aquarium Console


You love your bearded dragon (or hamster, or snake, or turtle or exotic fish). But how do you make your pet’s home fit in within your home? Place their terrarium or aquarium inside a thoughtfully designed mahogany console. This cabinet was built for several types of pet habitats (it can hold up to 445 pounds of weight) and can fit aquariums up to 37 gallons and terrariums up to 20 gallons.

Buy the Nate & Jeremiah Aquarium Console at PetSmart for $279.99 (was $399.99).

8. Litter Box Cabinet


An attractive litter box? Yes, it’s possible. This modern litter box cabinet completely conceals the tray and litter, allowing your cat to walk through a private passageway to do their business behind closed magnetic doors. On the way out, a scratch pad catches litter before it ends up on your floor.

Buy the Litter Box Cabinet at Macy’s for $99.19 (was $178.00).

9. Primetime Petz Palm Springs Designer Pet Gate


This lightweight (14.5 pounds) pine gate is designed to fit in with its surroundings, keeping your dog contained while adding a decorative element to your room. You can fold or extend it to accommodate a space of up to 81.5 inches. It also comes with rubber pads to keep from scratching your floor.

Buy the Primetime Petz Palm Springs Designer Pet Gate at Kohl’s for $143.99.

10. Cat Perch Set


Your cats may or may not look down on you. But they probably like to literally look down on you. If you’re not a cat tower kind of person, these sleek cat perches might work, since they simply look like floating shelves. Each one in this set of four is topped with a scratching pad for their nails. The perches are designed for small to medium cats.

Buy the Cat Perch Set at Wayfair for $72.99 (was $120).

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