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10-year-old’s lemonade stand for school supplies is a summer staple

10-year-old’s lemonade stand for school supplies is a summer staple
Posted at 4:30 AM, Jun 30, 2023

Summer break just began a few weeks ago for students. But 10-year-old Naivy Bloxson already has her eyes on preparing for the new school year. She and her siblings Dhvani and Giovanni aren’t hitting the books, though. They have opened their popular lemonade stand for another summer.

While many kids try to earn money selling cold drinks during the hot summer, Bloxson has taken it to the next level. This young lady started her business venture six years ago at her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to help her mom pay for the family’s school supplies and wardrobe.

Here’s a Facebook post from her mom, Danielle, announcing that the stand is now open.

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The kids originally borrowed the money for the lemonade stand from their mother. And, as the profits poured in, the savvy young business owner paid her mom back. Today, their venture is popular around the neighborhood and eagerly awaited each summer.

Naivy described how she’s learning the ins and outs of owning a business and connecting with people face-to-face to CNN.

“It’s really good because I get to meet a lot of new people every day,” she said. “So it gives me more confidence in doing the lemonade stand.”

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Selling lemonade became so much more than buying school supplies, Danielle said. The business teaches them valuable life lessons.

“It’s so awesome. I work in a school, so I know how important those things are, learning, counting money, interacting with people, you know, all of those things are such great assets to have when they get older,” Danielle told 21 Alive News.

And even though mom gets most of what the kids need for their school supplies, the kids can take their extra profits and buy other things they like, including fun things like scooters and hoverboards to get around town in their off time.

The lemonade stand has a special hashtag on Facebook, #bestlemonadeinthe08. Every summer, the fire department visits to get a refreshing cup of the best lemonade in town. What a great photo op for the budding businesswoman — as shown below!

You can keep up with Naivy’s lemonade stand this summer by visiting her mom’s Facebook page. Updates and photos about business activities and the stand’s visitors get posted regularly. You can also support them through Buy Me a Coffee, Amazon, and Cash App.

Keep up the great work Naivy, Dhvani and Giovonni!

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