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6-foot-tall Leatherface animatronic makes realistic chainsaw sounds

6-foot-tall Leatherface animatronic makes realistic chainsaw sounds
Posted at 6:05 AM, Jul 27, 2023

If you’re not into cutesy Halloween decorations like candy corn trees and little Disney Halloween villages, you might want to consider shopping at Spirit Halloween this year. The chain is celebrating its 40th anniversary by scaring up some big frights.

Kicking off Spirit Halloween’s 2023 collection is a life-size animatronic Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series. Wearing the “Pretty Woman Mask” from the films, he stands 6 feet tall. He also moves 360 degrees at the waist, makes grunting noises and comes with a chainsaw that makes realistic sounds. (You can watch a video of it in action on Spirit Halloween’s website.)

Priced at $349.99, the motion-activated Leatherface is marked as oversized, so Spirit Halloween will charge an additional shipping fee for this item.

Spirit Halloween

Buy 6-foot Leatherface animatronic at Spirit Halloween for $349.99.

Other items in the collection include Lil Jack Carver, an animatronic scarecrow priced at $169.99, and Eternal Rest, a spooky headstone that cries while the head literally spins around, for $139.99. Or, get a 7.9-foot Stilts animatronic that’s basically the spookiest clown you’ve ever seen.

At nearly 8 feet tall, the Stilts animatronic will tower over other decorations in your yard. It features a side-to-side moving torso with a head that moves 360 degrees. It also includes “bone-crunching sounds,” laughter and circus music.

Spirit Halloween

Buy 7.9-foot Stilts animatronic at Spirit Halloween for $349.99. 

Returning animatronic items include a Creepy Rising Doll priced at $229.99, a Grave Watcher for $79.99 and the Crypt Keeper, which has 11 sayings and is priced at $399.99.

Looking for even more giant Halloween items to spook out your neighbors? Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have already released many of their 2023 items. The collections include everything from a Haunted Living 12-foot Scarecrow at Lowe’s to the return of the beloved 12-foot Giant-sized Skeleton with LifeEyes LED Eyes at Home Depot.

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Other new Lowe’s items include a Haunted Living 9-foot Lighted Ground Breaking Zombie and Haunted Living 8-foot Lighted Witch With Skulls. Home Depot also has a 7.5-foot animated marsh monster and 13-foot-tall animated Jack Skellington priced at $399.

Home Depot

Will you be adding any of these spooky decorations to your yard this Halloween?

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