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AirTag tracking can now be detected by Android phones

Android phones will now get the same unknown tracker alerts that iPhone users get when an Apple AirTag is near them.
AirTag tracking can now be detected by Android phones
Posted at 4:11 PM, Jul 31, 2023

Google announced that Android phone users should expect to get unknown tracker alerts like iPhone users get when there is a tracker they don't know about near them.

The technology has already been a tool for iPhone users, who are alerted when a device like an Apple AirTag is tracking them. 

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The move is a product of cooperative work done between Google and Apple and was announced at at 2023 Google conference. While the alerts will work only with AirTags at first, there are talks with other tracker companies like Tile and Chipolo to widen the field on which trackers will also be included. 

Google said in a press release that users will be able to tap on the notification and learn more about the tracker and view it on a map. There will also be a feature to select "play sound" to make the tracker play a noise so users can find it. 

Google said there will also be a manual scan feature to allow users to press a button and scan their surroundings for trackers even before they receive any notifications. 

New find my device features are also expected to be unveiled and available on Android by this summer, the company said. 

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