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Bear caught on video nabbing cupcakes from bakery

Bear caught on video nabbing cupcakes from bakery
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jun 01, 2023

Bakers may be used to customers craving their cupcakes and lurking around in hopes of a free sample. But, workers at a bakery in Connecticut got quite the shock when they discovered a bear helping himself to its stock of sweet treats.

A bakery in Avon, Connecticut, named Taste by Spellbound, was preparing for a normal day when one of its workers noticed a large black bear roaming in the garage, which had been left open in preparation for the shop’s daily deliveries.

Maureen Williams, the employee who discovered the uninvited customer, quickly screamed and alerted the rest of the staff of the bear’s presence.

At first, the only evidence of the four-legged intruder was a photo of destroyed cupcakes because getting video or photos was “the last thing on our mind” said the bakery’s owner Miriam Hope Stephens in a May 24 Facebook post.

The employee watched in fear as the bear started grabbing at a cake and then dragged a box of cupcakes into the driveway to enjoy his own version of a picnic.

“The bear destroyed 60 cupcakes a bunch of coconut cake,” Stephens wrote in the post.

As soon as the bear entered the garage, the owner called 911. Williams then slammed the kitchen door shut and held it closed to prevent the bear from getting into the main store.

A quick-thinking employee came up with an idea to try to scare the bear away.

“Lisa had the brilliant idea to go out to the front and get in her car to drive around back and she started to beep her horn like a crazy person,” the Facebook post explained.

Once the bear retreated, Williams slammed the garage door closed. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident, including the bear. Eventually, wildlife officers caught the bear, relocated and released it, according to The Washington Post.

As word spread about the bear’s cupcake caper, a surveillance video from a neighboring business was picked up by the local news. Taste by Spellbound’s Facebook page posted the edited video of the scene of the crime.

After the initial scare and a lot of unexpected publicity, Taste by Spellbound decided to commemorate all the excitement with a new addition to some of their cupcakes.

“The shops have a BEARY delicious menu today! (My one and only bear joke I’m going to make),” the owner wrote in a Facebook post caption featuring the new cupcakes — each has a graham cracker bear sitting on top.

We’re sure those graham cracker bears are the only bears the employees ever want to see close to their shop again!

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