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‘Berry White’ Hydrangeas Are About To Become Your New Favorite Flower

‘Berry White’ Hydrangeas Are About To Become Your New Favorite Flower
Posted at 4:00 AM, Aug 21, 2020

There are many different varieties of hydrangeas, but the “Berry White” hydrangea has a special trait that puts it a cut above the others.

The Berry White hydrangea is perfectly named because its color-changing blossoms start the season in a soft, muted white, only to later transform into a gentle, delicate pink and then finally a rich, raspberry red.

Eagle-eyed hydrangea groupies might notice that the Berry White hydrangea is reminiscent of the Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea, which also undergoes a change of color. Well, they may look similar, but think of the Berry White as the sassier, more colorful counterpart to the Vanilla Strawberry. It has richer hues and stronger branches, making it a bit more sturdy and offering a bigger pop of color in your garden.

Part of the paniculata hydrangea family (also known as peegee hydrangeas or hardy hydrangeas), the Berry White is an accessible hydrangea to grow, even for beginner gardeners. They’re easy to care for and are quite adaptable to temperature and soil fluctuations.

Berry White hydrangeas in bloom
White Flower Farm

USDA Gardening Zones For Berry White Hydrangeas

Berry White hydrangeas will flourish best in Zones 3 to 8. They need around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Paniculata hydrangeas are so named because “panicle” refers to a conical branch of clustered flowers, and these branches do require pruning. For best results, gardening experts advise pruning about a third of old branches about once a year to keep your panicle hydrangeas full and healthy. (Most gardeners say it is preferable to prune hydrangea plants during winter when the shrub is bare and branches are easier to see.)

When To Plant Berry White Hydrangeas

If you want to plant the Berry White, or any kind of panicle hydrangea, it will soon be time to break out your gardening tools. In general, spring is considered the best time to plant hydrangeas, but according to Better Homes and Gardens, late autumn, just before the plant goes dormant for the season, is also quite suitable.

Here is another good rule of thumb for planting them: the plant experts at Proven Winners say you should always make sure to avoid transplanting panicle hydrangeas when it’s hot and sunny.

Nature Hills

Now, although panicle hydrangeas are considered a hardy hydrangea that is suitable for beginners, beware that on some occasions, your hydrangeas may not change hues. This can happen if the plant is over- or under-watered, or if the temperatures have been too hot. On these occasions, your hydrangea plant might not display the panoply of hues you were hoping for. But with diligent gardening and patience, your Berry White hydrangeas will be a source of beauty and pleasure in your garden for years to come.

You can look for these stunning shrubs at your local nursery, or you can find Berry White hydrangeas for sale online at Spring Hill Nurseries, White Flower Farm and Nature Hills, to name a few.

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