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The Best Inflatable Truck Bed Pools For Making Your Summer More Fun

The Best Inflatable Truck Bed Pools For Making Your Summer More Fun
Posted at 7:15 AM, Mar 17, 2022

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Have you ever wanted to take your pool with you on a hot summer day? Whether you’re out camping in the woods, going to a tailgate or just hanging out on the street with your neighbors, an inflatable truck-bed pool may be the answer. A small pool which is designed to fit directly in the back of a pickup truck, these pools are made to be easy to set up and take down.

Another plus of these nifty items is that inflatable truck bed pools are perfect for small children. Although inflatable truck bed pools are obviously too small to swim laps in, they are just the perfect size to sit around in the water and catch a break from the summer heat without promoting the fears that bigger pools can create in parents.

Our sister site Don’t Waste Your Money has a team of experts that spends hundreds of hours analyzing, testing and researching products to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Here are their top picks for inflatable truck bed pools.

Gard Summer Waves Inflatable Truck-Bed Pool


If a quick setup is at the top of your considerations, this inflatable truck-bed pool is a good choice. The rings around the exterior inflate quickly, so you can fill it up and get started with your fun. Made to fit any standard truck, this option is lightweight and durable. Once you’re done splashing around, you can simply deflate and fold it up to store for the next use.

Bestway 54283E Payload Truck-Bed Pool


Made from durable polyvinyl chloride material, or PVC, this inflatable truck-bed pool is leak-resistant. It is compatible with both half-ton and full-ton payloads, so be sure to follow the water markers for each depending on the size of your truck bed.

Speaking of measurements, one of the most important things to check when you’re getting an inflatable truck-bed pool is the weight capacity. The pools will typically state whether they are designed for half-ton or full-ton payloads. You want to ensure that the pool is the right capacity for your truck so you don’t damage your suspension. Remember to fill the inflatable truck bed pool up according to the markers on the side so you don’t add any excess weight.

Closeup of a rear suspension of a pickup truck.

Once your pool is safely set up, you can grab a couple of toys for the kids: buckets, watering cans and cups are a great idea so they can have fun pouring water in different ways. While there probably won’t be enough room for pool floaties, you could always cut up some pool noodles in smaller sizes and let the kids splash away with them.

After you’ve hung out in the pool, be sure to clean it properly after emptying it so you don’t end up with bacteria buildup that can be common with any wet surfaces, especially one that you’ll fold up for storage. When it’s time to fold and store away, be sure to let the material fully dry so there isn’t a chance of mold or mildew.

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