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Boxer knocks on door looking for doggie playdate

Boxer knocks on door looking for doggie playdate
Posted at 5:30 AM, Aug 01, 2023

Did you see the dog on TikTok who asked if her friend could come outside and play?

OK, it wasn’t in human words, but there’s no denying what Darlin the boxer is getting at in the following video. Darlin likes to play with her next-door neighbor dog, a poodle named Chewbarka. So when this clever dog is ready for a play date, she knocks at the neighbor’s door!


Our neighbour’s dog “knocks” on our door every night to ask Chewy to come play #dogsofvancouver #dogfriends #cuteanimals

♬ original sound – Nicole Brindle

It must be noted that these dogs live in Vancouver, Canada — where good manners are held dear.

“How Canadian,” wrote TikTok user Trina Kerchen.

“Such a polite puppy!” commented TikTok user Alyssa from Maine. “Both are so cute!”

“Even if I was on my deathbed, I would get up to open the door,” commented TikTok user Slayafitz860.

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Let’s hope Chewbarka never moves away! But even if that happens, these two might be able to stay in touch. At least, that’s what happened when Rollo, a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, and Sadie, a Huskie/Shepherd mix, were separated by a move.

The pair had lived together for two years when their “moms” shared a house during the pandemic. Then Rollo’s owner (and Rollo) moved three hours away. But the two women kept in touch — and helped their dogs to do the same — through FaceTime. Watch the TikTok video, captioned “when you really miss your bestie,” here:

@rolloandsadie When you really miss your bestie 🚨🚨🚨 #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogs ♬ original sound – Rollo and Sadie

This video amassed millions of views and 39,600 comments.

“Tell me why these two dogs are better at expressing emotions & listening to each other than most humans?!” wrote TikTok user fangirlforfall.

“The way they heard each other out 😭,” wrote TikTok user Victoria.

If the videos left you feeling sad, don’t worry. Their moms assured The New York Post that they do frequent FaceTimes and get together regularly for “fun adventures.” In fact, you can watch a video of one of these reunions, titled “When you finally get to see your long distance [sic] bestie after being apart.”

@rolloandsadie When you finally get to see your long distance bestie after being apart 🥹🫶🏻 #dogsoftiktok #fyp #rolloandsadie #dogs #dog #puppy #soulmates #lovestory #besties ♬ Lights Are On (Instrumental) – Edith Whiskers

All together now: Awww!

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