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Burger King introduces a 20-slice American cheese ‘burger’ in Thailand

Burger King introduces a 20-slice American cheese ‘burger’ in Thailand
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jul 20, 2023

These days, it seems like every time you turn around, a popular fast-food chain is introducing an item you really want to try — only the items are exclusive to other countries. From Taco Bell India’s Tikka Masala burrito to the McChocoNuts creation at McDonald’s locations in France, seeing all these exciting options on social media has given us serious envy for years.

Recently, Burger King introduced something novel to its Thailand stores — and we’re not so sure about this one. It’s called “The Real Cheese Burger.” Here’s an image from the country’s Burger King Facebook account:

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The text, translated, basically says that this item is for real — making it clearly a novelty item. It features 20 slices of American cheese and appears to cost 109 Thai baht (about $3.15) right now, although it has a regular price of 380 baht (almost $11). It’s around for a limited time only: Snackolater reports that the burger became available on July 10 and is around only until Aug. 20.

One TikToker, @sampepper, claims he went all the way to Thailand just to try it. Here’s his take (note: there is one instance of muffled profanity in this video):

@sampepper This burger is only available in Thailand @Burger King ♬ original sound – Sam Pepper

He says it’s heavy — and he had trouble talking after taking a bite, presumably because the cheese was sticking to his mouth. It basically seems to be a couple of buns with a bunch of American cheese slices placed between them, creating a big block of processed dairy.

In some images, it looks like there was an attempt made to melt the cheese, but the “burgers” influencers have posted don’t look like any heat has been applied to them. One video from @zenrider shows one being made, and it doesn’t appear to involve any cooking:

@zenrider #burgerking #cheeseburger ##cheese #burgerkingth #burgerkingthailand ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Boonwisit Wannasorn

While this “cheese burger” doesn’t necessarily look all that appetizing to us without anything but bread and cheese, in the comments of one Twitter post people are recommending that the item might be better wrapped in fried ham.

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You never know: If it does well, maybe the specialty will come to the U.S. In 2017, Krispy Kreme finally gifted us with a product we’d been coveting when we saw it introduced in the United Kingdom: a Reese’s peanut butter doughnut. In the meantime, Burger King Brazil has also released a sandwich we sorta wish we could try: the Pink Barbie Burger, complete with a “smoky” pink sauce and bacon bits! They also have a Barbie milkshake — part of a meal themed after the iconic doll and the new film.

Would you buy one of these?

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