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People Are Raving About These Mini Cheesecake Cones From Trader Joe’s

People Are Raving About These Mini Cheesecake Cones From Trader Joe’s
Posted at 12:10 PM, Nov 25, 2019

Holy cannoli! TJ’s has done it again. The grocery retailer — known for its global offerings and unique specialty items — is currently offering cheesecake cones that have customers drooling.

A cross between an ice cream cone and a cheesecake (um, yes please!), the handheld confections hit Trader Joe’s freezer shelves in mid-November and they seem to be flying off those shelves rapidly.

Italian Mini Cheesecake Cones

The cones are made in Italy. Comprised of sweet, almond Florentine cookies rolled into little cones that hold just the right amount of creamy cheesecake filling, the tiny treats are decadent enough for dessert and diminutive enough that you can avoid feeling too guilty when you indulge.

They’re stored in the freezer and only need 20 minutes to thaw to perfection. A box of four is just $3.99, so treating yourself won’t put a dent in your budget.

Trader Joe's

Rave Reviews

People are spreading the word about these tasty pastries all across social media channels, and as with so many other Trader Joe’s finds, everyone wants in on the deliciousness.

Facebook user Kaitlynn Lopez posted in a Facebook group called Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas for Busy People, “Lol I originally started shopping at TJ’s to make healthy choices but they keep on coming out with new desserts.”

We feel you, Kaitlynn.

People with no TJ’s in their area are enviously dreaming of the cannoli-like cheesecake goodies. Suzie Carbone shared her feelings, writing, “WHY can’t we have a Trader Joe’s” with several expressive emojis.

The delectable delights are making their rounds on Instagram, as well.

Instagrammer @traderjoesfl shared this post, writing, “Cheesecake cones are one of my new favorite desserts … The almond Florentine cone reminds me of the handmade almond toffee bowls I had in the nice restaurants when they serve ice cream.”

The post earned numerous comments, including one by @alfrjo, who posted, “I got these today and literally chomped right into them in the car like an animal; can’t wait to try one tomorrow after following the directions!!”

Although they don’t say how long the mini cones will be in stock, Trader Joe’s does mention that these are seasonal treats that are available for the holidays. If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of a TJ’s, grab some while you can.

[h/t: Kitchn]

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