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Try A New Hard Seltzer Each Week With Truly’s ‘Summer Fridays’ Calendar

Try A New Hard Seltzer Each Week With Truly’s ‘Summer Fridays’ Calendar
Posted at 6:50 AM, Jun 03, 2020

Even if life has slowly been returning to a new normal where you live, the days are probably still running together: is it Monday or Wednesday? Wait … it’s June now?!

While you could obviously grab the weekly planner you probably haven’t been using to try to figure out what part of 2020 we’re even in at the moment, we have a better idea — a hard seltzer calendar!

It’s the same general idea as an advent calendar for Christmas, except it’s less about counting down to a specific day and more just celebrating getting through each week. This Truly Hard Seltzer calendar on is the first-ever variety pack to include all 16 of Truly’s flavors.

While it is technically called the Truly Summer Fridays Calendar to give you a cool and refreshing weekly dose of hard seltzer, we won’t tell if you pop open the punch slot 16 days in a row.

The calendar includes four berry flavors (black cherry, wild berry, raspberry lime, and blueberry and acai), four citrus flavors (orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon), four tropical flavors (passionfruit, pineapple, mango, and watermelon and kiwi) and Truly’s new lemonade flavors (original, black cherry, strawberry and mango).

Truly Hard Seltzer

The calendar costs $39, plus $6.95 for shipping. That breaks down to around $2.87 per 12-ounce can, which is a bit more expensive than you would find in the store. But the fun of opening a new one each Friday might just make up for the price difference.

While you can order the calendar for yourself or send it to someone else as a gift, someone age 21 and older must be home to sign for it upon delivery, so you’ll need to inform your recipient of its arrival if you’re sending it as a gift. There are a handful of states that will not allow delivery of alcohol, so make sure you can order it where you live.

Truly Hard Seltzer

Will you be ordering a Truly Hard Seltzer Calendar to help count down the days of summer?

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