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Can you find four doves among the cockatoos?

Can you find four doves among the cockatoos?
Posted at 2:15 PM, May 23, 2023

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Break out the magnifying glass and ready your eyes for some scanning because we have another epic picture puzzle for you.

Amid a flock of white cockatoos sit four white doves. Don’t get distracted by some of the cutesy hats, scarves and sunglasses worn by some of these birds, even though they are super-cute!

Can you spot them below in this tricky image search from May 15, posted by Dudolf on his Facebook page and website? His website images have better resolution and are larger, so if you’re having trouble you may wish to click through.

Some puzzle solvers declared this one difficult.

“Anyone else go cross-eyed on this one?” wrote Facebook poster Jennifer Benson. “I tried just going one by one down the rows, saying, ‘Cockatoo, cockatoo, cockatoo …’ and I just kept repeating rows and now the word holds no more meaning.”

The real name of the illustrator of this not-for-bird-brains drawing is Gergely Dudás. The resident of Budapest, Hungary, has created a number of viral picture puzzles where viewers need to find a different but very similar object among many others that look alike.

You can see more examples of his puzzles and solutions on his website and on his Facebook page, which has 167,000 followers.

If you need help finding the birds, here’s a hint. Look away from the middle, the bottom left and the top right quadrants of the image. If you still can’t spot all four doves, Dudolf has the solution for you.

Dudás has also illustrated the Fox and Rabbit books and released several search-and-find adventure books.

Want more Dudolf puzzles? Here are some more to try out.

Dudolf also posts other types of puzzles on occasion. Here’s a recent math riddle.

And here’s one in which you have to find the bird wearing a hat none of the others is wearing.

Do you like these kinds of brain workouts?

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