Central Coast housing non-profit launches emergency appeal for tenants of Grandview Apartments

The families have to leave their homes between Thanksgiving and Christmas
Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 15, 2019

Tenants at Grandview Apartments in Paso Robles have to leave their homes in the next few weeks.

Residents were given eviction notices after the landlords chose to go out of business rather than fix some hefty repairs.

Now, a Central Coast non-profit organization focused on housing is stepping up to raise funds for those families by launching an emergency appeal.

"Twenty-six families need to be out the week of Thanksgiving and the left over balance of 11 will need to be out by Christmas Eve. So the timing of this eviction couldn't be worse," said John Fowler, president and CEO of Peoples' Self-Help Housing.

Fowler says the failed attempts at stopping or halting the eviction process made him want to step in and help the families in other ways.

The organization will be collecting funds from the community to help the tenants buy new housing supplies, pay for their deposits on other apartments or pay for their hotel stays while they find new housing.

The tenants were given an eviction notice after they claimed they were living in units infested with insects, vermin and mold.

Grandview's owners were ordered to pay $1,000 to each unit for having to relocate and return the full security deposit within a week after moving out.

To learn more about the emergency appeal, click here.