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'Colors for Colette': Hospital creates hope around pediatric cancer

An Ohio charity has already raised thousands this year for pediatric cancer in honor of a little girl named Colette who inspired it all.
'Colors for Colette': Hospital creates hope around pediatric cancer
Posted at 4:33 PM, Aug 18, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio's University Hospital and its Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital has created hope and healing for families impacted by pediatric cancer.

The Colors for Colette event is free and hosted by Ohio's University Hospital each year to raise money for pediatric cancer and to bring a boost in the spirits of patients at the children's hospital. Annually the hospital is surrounded with chalk messages of love and hope to remember Colette Piazza, a little girl from Avon, Ohio, who died from a brain tumor just before her second birthday in 2019. 

Colors for Colette has already raised $30,000 this year for pediatric cancer research and for pediatric oncology along with intensive care units, registered nurses.

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At the events, artists and families join in to decorate sidewalk squares that surround the hospital, and they write messages and draw pictures in chalk, University Hospital said

The event takes on a sort of carnival atmosphere. 

Colette was ten weeks old when her family found out in 2017 that she had a malignant brain tumor. A two year battle against the cancer followed that involved surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. 

If you can't go to the event each year, University Hospital makes it possible to help with their efforts to find a cure for pediatric cancer online. You can give via their website or by phone or mail

This story was originally published by Scripps News Cleveland, with additional reporting from Scripps News. 

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