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2023 class of Hometown Heroes honored

Posted at 8:39 PM, Jan 17, 2023

The city of Santa Maria recognized its 2023 class of Hometown Heroes Tuesday.

12 residents were honored during a city council meeting, all receiving a certificate of appreciation.

The 2023 Winter Class of Honorees includes:

  • Sotero R Lopez (Army)   
  • Charles A. Lilly (Army)   
  • David Yundt- (Air Force) 
  • Carman G Palato (Navy)
  • Duane L. Carter (Army)     
  • Luis P. Lopez (Navy)     
  • Narciso M. Lopez (Army)   
  • Amir Athie (Marine Corps)          
  • Thomas Castillo (Army)    
  • Ishmeal Castillo (Army)   
  • John Castillo (Marine Corps)      
  • Matthew Crow (Coast Guard)     

“They brought me to a city Council meeting which was very nice I've never been to one, so it's very nice to participate and I'm very honored to be here," said Yundt.

Yundt is a U.S. Air Force veteran, serving for 25 years, including at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Each hero will have a banner recognizing their service. The banners will be displayed on College Dr. for the next 6 months.