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Technology provides winter workouts from home

Posted at 8:32 AM, Nov 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-17 11:32:30-05

A growing number of streaming fitness options can help you stay in shape and prevent holiday weight gain during the winter months.

Beachbody is celebrating its 20th year making video workouts. Now, users can access more than 800 workouts through Beachbody on Demand for about $2 per week. The program uses minimal space and usually just requires an exercise mat and a set of dumbbells.

There are also many free fitness apps such as Sworkit or Openfit, which provides a digital personal trainer.

Studies suggest doing your workout first thing in the morning will help you stick with it.

It's also helpful if you have an accountability buddy, which can also be digital. Many of the apps have features to connect with others working out, or you could use social media to find someone with similar goals.