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These Crocheted Socks Give Your Crocs An Extra Layer Of Cozy Comfort

These Crocheted Socks Give Your Crocs An Extra Layer Of Cozy Comfort
Posted at 6:30 AM, Mar 17, 2022

The Crocs comeback continues to carry on without any sign of letting up. While some fashionistas still may scoff at the functional (if not fabulous) shoe, these durable slip-ons seem here to stay. And, when designers such as Vera Bradley and companies like KFC jump on board the Crocs train, you know they still have plenty of traction.

For a while, it seemed like Crocs might fade away when the company announced it planned to close its manufacturing facilities in 2017. However, a new CEO took over the company and turned things around with a new vision for its products. In 2019, the company partnered with mega-star rapper Post Malone, tightened up its business practices and is now enjoying a renaissance in popularity.

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People who love Crocs claim they make standing and walking more comfortable. However, some people do not love the idea of their bare feet being against a pair of foamy plastic shoes. For those looking to keep their tootsies dry and comfortable while still rocking these now-iconic kicks, several Etsy sellers have come up with a solution. Say hello to Croc socks!

These specially designed socks fit right into your favorite pair of Crocs to give your feet an extra layer of comfort and coziness. They also add an additional level of style to the shoes, thanks to another bit of color and texture.


Etsy seller HookedbyrebeccaYQG stitches her version of these socks for people looking to get “the versatility and adaptability that all individuals need,” according to the Etsy listing.

While the product is actually called Clog Socks — likely to avoid any litigation — they really are a liner crafted for use inside Crocs, not a typical pair of socks that would go on your feet first and then into the shoe. They slip right into a pair of Crocs with no fuss and are ready for your feet to get in and go. These liners come in a variety of sizes and colors and cost $39.19 as of publication date. Supplies are limited and the reviews from buyers are virtually flawless.

You can also find similar products from other Etsy sellers, including DreamEnchantress, but if you love to crochet and want to make a pair of your own Croc socks, you might want to head over to Cobblerscabin’s Etsy page to find a pattern to make your own Croc liners for only $3.50.


Shop owner Carol created this instant-download pattern for crocheters to stitch and it works for women’s sizes 5-12 and men’s sizes 3-12. There is even a pattern for kids Crocs, too!

In terms of difficulty, it is listed as an intermediate pattern for a few decrease-type stitches and post-crochets. So, make sure you’ve brushed up your stitching skills before getting started on your Crocs socks!

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