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This Adorable Dad Used A Genius Trick To Help His Daughter Get The Perfect Prom Photos

This Adorable Dad Used A Genius Trick To Help His Daughter Get The Perfect Prom Photos
Posted at 9:38 AM, Jun 19, 2019

It’s no secret that dads will go above and beyond for their daughters. Prom night 2019 definitely solidified that fact for Dan Casagrande and his daughter Nadia. 

While posing for photos on prom night, Nadia had some trouble with her hair staying out of her face. Her dad was not having any of that! So, he reached inside his tool box — almost literally — to help out in the most “Dad” way possible. He came out with a leaf blower, which turned out to be the perfect implement to help his daughter achieve a beautiful windswept look.

Nadia’s sister Claudia was nearby, also trying to help capture the moment, and she recalled her dad’s practically heroic actions when talking to BuzzFeed:

We were all outside taking photos and my sister said, ‘I wish my hair was out of my face,’ and the next thing we knew, my dad went into the garage and came out with the leaf blower,” she told Buzzfeed. “It was so funny that I had to catch it on video.”

Thankfully, she most certainly did catch the moment in a video and posted it to her Twitter account. In the tweet, she called her dad “#1,” and we’ve gotta say — he most certainly deserves the “#1 Dad” title after this:

In case you were wondering whether we all need a leaf blower on our glam team, the images Nadia posted to Twitter are all you need to see:

People couldn’t get enough of this sweet moment online and the Twitter comments began to pour in.

Twitter user @lexiedeeee went so far as to hope this happens between her husband and daughter, writing, “If my husband doesn’t do this for my daughter, I’m divorcing him”:

Twitter user @Allen_Aguilar4 was even inspired to get a leaf blower:

Of course, this isn’t the first time a father and daughter have shared a sweet moment before heading off to prom.

Before leaving for the big dance, Vanessa Macedo surprised her dad at work so he could see her in her prom dress and posted a video of the grand reveal on Twitter.

Make sure you’ve got your tissues handy for this one!:

He seems so excited to see her, and it couldn’t be more touching. Prom is an exciting time for many reasons, and these dads managed to make it all the more special!

Here’s to all the fathers being the “#1 Dad” to their daughters!

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