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Ombrè Roses Look Like A Sunset In Your Garden

Ombrè Roses Look Like A Sunset In Your Garden
Posted at 4:30 AM, Sep 04, 2020

Ombré continues its streak as one of the most popular color and style trends. People just can’t get over the effect of multiple colors blending together seamlessly. You’ve probably seen ombré hair, cakes with ombré frosting designs, and even manicures with the stunning effect!

For a more natural take on the ombré trend, you could pick up or plant a special type of flower that blooms with graduated streaks of pink. This gorgeous rose is known as the “Distant Drums” rose and Martha Stewart compares them to planting a sunset in a garden.

A type of floribunda rose, which are hybrids that produce clusters of flowers throughout the season, the Distant Drums rose is often sold as bare root bundle. This means if you were to go to a nursery to buy these roses, you’d simply purchase the roots and maybe a small plant.

“This is a bare root rose that will arrive dormant wrapped in plastic with roots, canes and no soil, leaves or flowers,” online nursery Menagerie Flower says in a product description. “Don’t worry — with a 24-hour drink, some tender loving care, and planting in your garden it will be a beautiful hardy blooming rose in the spring.”

Yes, they certainly don’t look very impressive when you buy them in their early stages. But this sparse-looking plant will eventually grow to between 3-4 feet high with a spread of 3 feet when fully mature.

Their mauve, lavender, and light pink blooms put on quite a show when they flower in the warm months of spring. They often start out vibrant and fade into a delicate, light pink as the summer months pass.

Menagerie Farm & Flower

Plus, the Distant Drums rose is ideal for people who love fragrant flowers! This rose has a strong scent, which many people compare to the spice anise (like licorice) or myrrh.

If you want to try your hand at growing these beautiful blooms, you’ll be glad to know they are a hardy shrub rose bush. The Distant Drums rose is rated for zones 5 through 9 by the USDA Hardiness Zone classification system. In other words, they can tolerate a variety of climates.


Experts recommend a sunny spot in your garden for these roses. They will need about six hours of direct sunlight a day and you need to keep the soil damp and well-drained to avoid rot. You’ll want to get them into the ground either in early spring or in fall, six weeks before the first frost of the year.

Distant Drums roses also make great cut flowers, so once they are fully mature in your garden, you can bring them inside to brighten up your home. Or, if you don’t have a green thumb, you could always go to your favorite florist and see if they have them. Either way, these flowers will surely brighten anyone’s day!

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