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Dunkin’ Just Released A Birthday Cake-Flavored Doughnut

Dunkin’ Just Released A Birthday Cake-Flavored Doughnut
Posted at 7:20 AM, Jun 15, 2020

It feels like we need to create mini celebrations to pick us up on the regular right now. So we’re grabbing on to all the foods that make us feel festive.

Enter Dunkin’s limited edition “Celebration Donut.” The cake doughnut is filled with confetti sprinkles, just like your favorite Funfetti cake. And it’s topped off with vanilla icing and yellow star sprinkles mixed with orange and pink jimmies.

The new doughnut debuted on June 5, National Donut Day, and will be available while supplies last.


The limited-edition birthday cake doughnut appeared in stores starting in early June. (Dunkin’ also released special edition chocolate cake batter and vanilla cake batter doughnut in summer 2018 so there must be something about summer and celebration that go hand in hand.)

Lena from Atlanta’s Best Bites also paired a Celebration Donut with her iced coffee, as you can see in her Facebook post.

Dunkin’ also recently announced the return of the Pineapple Coolatta. The tropical blended drink had enough fans after its debut in 2018 that Dunkin’ brought it back in 2019 and again this summer. However, it’s only being sold in the northeast and southeast U.S. in the month of June, according to Best Products.


Back in 2019, it was sold at Dunkin’s outside of America too, as seen in this Dunkin’ UAE promo photo.

Birthday cake batter and pineapple smoothie fans might want to check ahead to see if their local Dunkin’ has either treat in stock.

We hope the husband of Dunkin’ fan Michelle Durst was able to find her some of the Celebration Donuts, since she posted on Facebook that “it’s gonna be a long year of me talking about how you ruined my birthday,” if he didn’t.

According to Spoon University, you can get a “secret menu” birthday cake Coolatta at Dunkin’ by ordering a mix of the Hazelnut Swirl and Vanilla Bean Coolattas. That drink might go better with a Celebration Donut than a Pineapple Coolatta. But no one’s saying you can’t have them separately.

Both look like sugary summer pick-me-ups. Enjoy!

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