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Elliot Page's memoir: A journey of mental health and trans identity

Transgender actor and LGBTQ+ activist Elliot Page has written a new memoir in which he discusses gender, sexuality and loving yourself.
Elliot Page's memoir: A journey of mental health and trans identity
Posted at 8:11 AM, Jun 11, 2023

Actor Elliot Page’s long-anticipated memoir "Page Boy" is out for the world to read and is garnering a lot of buzz and praise. The relaxed storytelling and conversational approach to the book gives readers and admirers of Page a look into his turbulent childhood and rise to stardom while providing thoughtful anecdotes on sexuality and gender through a roadmap, as he figured out his identity.

Page got his start in 1997 at the age of 10, starring in "Pit Pony," a made-for-TV movie, as Maggie MacLean. His portfolio is littered with credits in genres and for movie audiences of all kinds, in small parts and star roles alike.

A highlight of his career was his lead role in the 2007 film "Juno." Starring as an eccentric pregnant teen, the movie became an indie darling as he garnered the hearts of viewers, earning an Oscar nomination for his performance.

In 2014, Page made headlines in Hollywood by coming out as gay at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive, an LGBTQ+ conference. "I am here today because I am gay. And because... maybe I can make a difference," he stated.

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He spoke about the importance of living life authentically, even when it isn’t the easiest choice. As one of a few LGBTQ+ individuals in the industry, he instantly became an image for queer youth and individuals to rally behind.

Being a LGBTQ+ activist, he has spoken out time and time again on his own experiences and advocated for others in the community, pushing against individuals and legislation that try to limit LGBTQ+ rights.

In December 2020, Page once again became the topic of discussion after releasing a tweet to the public, coming out as a trans man, and announcing his name and pronouns (he/they). He spoke of his excitement and joy at being able to come out and let the world know who he is, but also highlighted the threats to the transgender community verbally, physically, legislatively and mentally, while acknowledging the privileges he has.

"The truth is, despite feeling profoundly happy right now and knowing how much privilege I carry, I am scared," he stated. "I'm scared of the invasiveness, the hate, the 'jokes' and of violence."

Page made history the following March as the first trans man to be on the cover of Time magazine. Since then, he has spoken openly about the happiness he now feels by living his truth in a body and mindset that more clearly embody who he is.  

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With a cover that mimics the tone of the book—bold, simple and stripped to the bone—Page Boy is a delicately told story of one man’s path to finding himself. But Page doesn't want his story to become a monolith. As he writes in his novel, "There are an infinite number of ways to be queer and trans, and my story speaks to only one."

The book goes beyond identity talks and discusses environmentalism with Page's personal devotion to sustainability and vegetarianism. He brings the reader to the forests of Canada, where he grew up, with vivid depictions of nature.

The 36-year-old chose to be open and vulnerable in his book to give voice to others who share his identity and don’t have a platform to speak on their experience in the wake of a world where trans individuals are marginalized. He states, "As attacks against gender-affirming care increases, along with efforts to silence us, it feels like the right time to put words on a page."

With June being Pride Month, it is a timely release during a period dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ history and uplifting modern LGBTQ+ voices. With growing legislation being enacted across the country limiting trans access to health care and their rights, the book gives way to one prominent voice and story humanizing a group that is often a trendy topic for debate, engaging readers' compassion and understanding.

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