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Evacuation and warnings lifted for Paso Robles

Paso Robles City
Posted at 12:01 PM, Jan 10, 2023

The Paso Robles Police Dept. has lifted all evacuation orders and warnings throughout the City and has reopened the 13th Street bridge.

Those that were told to evacuate in these locations can immediately begin to return to their homes or businesses:


  • Residents between Riverbank Lane 118 - 160
  • Residents between Summer Creek Lane 1638 – 1705
  • Residents between Edgewater Lane 161 – 172
  • Residents between 70 Navajo Avenue and 96 Navajo Avenue
  • Residents between 203 Vista Del Rio Court and 213 Vista Del
  • Villa Del Rio apartments on Rio Court

Residents and businesses:

  • Residents and businesses between Union Road & River Oaks Road
  • Residents and businesses between 390 – 406 Paso Robles Street


  • Navajo Avenue
  • Riverbank Lane
  • Rio Court
  • Paso Robles Street
  • North River Road

All residents that were given warnings in the following areas can immediately begin to return to their homes:


  • 1700 Block Summer Creek Lane
  • Shadow Creek Lane
  • Stillwater Court
  • Sandcove Lane
  • Waterfall Lane
  • Bridgegate Lane between Riverbank and Stillwater Court

The temporary evacuation shelter located at the Mid-State Fairgrounds Pavilion will be closed at 12 p.m.

There are still road closures in Paso to take into account:

  • 21st Street between Pine Street and Riverside Ave
  • N. River Road between Union Rd. and N. County Line
  • S. River Road between Creston Rd. and Navajo Ave
  • Vine Street between 22nd and 24th Streets

We will continue to update the public as conditions improve and more streets begin to open.