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Fill New Betty Crocker Cookie Cups With Candy, Frosting, Caramel And More

Fill New Betty Crocker Cookie Cups With Candy, Frosting, Caramel And More
Posted at 8:05 AM, Mar 12, 2021

Leave it to Betty Crocker to find a way to take something as simple and delicious as the classic cookie and make it into something even better! We’ve seen people make cookies out of Betty Crocker cake mixes, but now the company has created a new dessert that adds something special to its snacks.

The new collection of Betty Crocker Cookie Cups offer six mixes that turn yummy cookies into cups that hold a variety of surprises, including fudge, candy, peanut butter and even pretzels.

One look at the boxes will probably have your sweet tooth activated!

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Honestly, we’re wondering what took so long for someone to think of turning cookies into cups that hold extra treats. It’s brilliant!

Each 14-ounce box comes with the packaged cookie mix, paper baking cups, filling and topping. All you will need to supply is a muffin tin, a little butter or margarine and a tablespoon of water. Baking projects don’t get much easier than that!

The Betty Crocker Cookie Cup mixes can currently be found at Walmartfor approximately $3.39 a box. However, according to Best Products, the new treats are expected to get a nationwide launch to other grocery stores by June.

With six different flavor combinations, there is something to satisfy anyone’s cravings. We’re not sure which one we’d pick out of the lineup but here are your options.

Birthday Cake Cookie Cups

Who needs a whole birthday cake when you can have a birthday sugar cookie filled with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles? This one is sure to be a favorite of anyone whose inner child is controlling their appetite.

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Rainbow Candy Cookie Cups

If you go in for cookies dotted with M&Ms — a brand that is not associated with this new line — you’ll want to try these. These cookie cups are made from sugar dough mixed with colorfully coated, chocolate-filled candies, then filled with fudge frosting and topped with even more chocolate candies for a satisfyingly sweet bite.

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookie Cups

Imagine a thick chocolate chip cookie stuffed with fudge filling and then a drizzle of chocolate on top? That’s what you get with this decadent treat!

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cups

Chocoholics will want to grab this box. These snacks start with a fudgy cookie that packs a melted chocolate center and is topped with chocolate sprinkles. Even the greenest baking novice can put together these decadent treats!

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Salted Caramel Pretzel Cookie Cups

Looking to satisfy that sweet-and-salty combination craving? How about trying a salted caramel cookie with pretzel twists resting upon a bed of soft caramel? That sounds like a winning trio.


Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Cups

You didn’t think Betty would leave out the peanut butter lovers, did you? Last, but definitely not least, these cookie cups bring together a peanut butter cookie, add a gooey fudge center and top it all off with genuine Reese’s Pieces.

Betty Crocker | Walmart

Which ones sound like they would be a hit in your kitchen?

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