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Can You Find The Man Without A Mustache In This Brain Teaser?

Can You Find The Man Without A Mustache In This Brain Teaser?
Posted at 4:00 AM, Sep 01, 2021

Everyone loves a good brainteaser, right? Every once in a while, a company — often out of Europe — will release one of these picture-based puzzles as a way of drumming up a little bit of publicity for their products. The fun seek-and-find games are a great way to exercise your brain, test your mettle and spend a few minutes thinking about something other than work and real life.

Some are harder than others. Some focus on seasonal themes. And they’re great for every member of your family, as there’s no special knowledge needed to solve them. You only need a sharp eye.

Back in November 2020, this one was released by a U.K. company called Formulate Health, a nutraceutical maker, to promote an awareness initiative focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, along with testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

Formulate Health founder Mina Khan told the Daily Mail, “We created this puzzle to help raise awareness of Movember and the fantastic efforts that are put in every year to help raise awareness of men’s health issues.”

Supposedly, all the men in the image are taking place in Movember and thus haven’t shaved at least some part of their faces. You’re supposed to find the one without any facial hair. So get to it: Here’s the puzzle, as posted to the Facebook page of Reader’s Digest a few months ago.

The designers of the puzzle say the record for finding the face without a mustache or goatee is 10 seconds.

Need a hint? The men with mustaches don’t have full mouths — but the one you’re looking for does, and his lips have some color to them.

Need another hint? Look to the left middle side of the image.

The Facebook post from Reader’s Digest links to a piece that doesn’t actually show the solution, although it has several other puzzles you might wish to try. For the actual solution to the man-without-a-mustache hidden object puzzle, go to the Daily Mail’s site.

And if you had fun with this puzzle you’re going to want to check out some more of the same. Gergely Dudás is the acknowledged master of these kinds of games, and he releases puzzles regularly on his blog, which are then posted to his Facebook page. Like this recent one:

To solve this one and find the butterfly among the sunflowers, you’re going to have to click on the image to get to the full-sized version. Enjoy!

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