Friday temps might step back a few degrees before jumping into the weekend

Posted at 4:18 PM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 20:46:41-04

Winds will again be a bit of a factor over southern Santa Barbara county tonight with some local gusts passing the 30mph range but probably not high enough for a wind advisory. All the afternoon and evening winds have cleared most of the low marine clouds but some interesting high clouds today caused some circumhorizontal arcs, which are essentially horizontal rainbows in the clouds.

Temps today were pretty warm, warmer than average but Friday temps likely take a little dip with an upper low moving thru the Pac NW. It ejects quickly and a large ridge builds into early next week. It'll drive beach temps into the 80s with beaches in the 70s and the interior valleys in the 90s, with an isolated triple digit reading not out of the question.

Monday through Thursday the ridge gets very strong driving some very hot inland temps. The question next week will be how much marine layer will there be near the coast. Right now we know it'll be squished by the high so it'll be limited but to what degree is a question. If there is limited wind flow we could have drastic temp differences between beaches and inland temps.

There is weather wildcard as well, an upper low looks to eventually sneak under the ridge but the question is when and what will it produce. I think it'll be late in the week if not next weekend. It should cool things a bit and crank up the winds.