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Georgia Bulldogs turn down invitation to the White House

The University of Georgia said the national championship team will be unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict.
Georgia Bulldogs turn down invitation to the White House
Posted at 9:18 AM, May 10, 2023

The Georgia Bulldogs football team will not visit the White House to celebrate their national championship. 

The school said the decision to decline the invitation was due to a scheduling conflict. 

"The University of Georgia first received on May 3 an invitation for the Bulldog football team to visit the White House on June 12," the University of Georgia Athletic Association said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the date suggested is not feasible given the student-athlete calendar and time of year. However, we are appreciative of the invitation and look forward to other opportunities for Georgia teams moving forward."

The White House has not commented on Georgia's decision. 

A national champion college football team has not visited the White House during the Biden administration. Previous championship teams from Georgia and Alabama did not receive invitations due to precautions being taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Georgia won its second-straight national championship in January after defeating TCU in the title game 65-7.

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Georgia was not the only national championship team to be invited to the White House this year. The president also invited the Louisiana State University women's basketball team and the University of Connecticut men's basketball team. 

Both teams accepted the invitations and will appear at the White House on May 26. 

LSU's visit was up in the air for awhile. Star player Angel Reese said she'd rather visit the Obamas after being offended by a comment made by Jill Biden. 

The first lady, who attended the women's championship game, said she was going to ask the president to invite LSU and Iowa because "they played such a good game."

LSU star player Angel Reese called the remarks "a joke" because losing teams don't usually get an invitation to meet the president. 

However, Reese had a change of heart after receiving a congratulatory phone call from the president.

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