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‘Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls’ Children’s Book Is Available To Preorder Now

‘Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls’ Children’s Book Is Available To Preorder Now
Posted at 12:00 PM, Jan 29, 2022

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It’s time to introduce Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Ma to a whole new generation! A children’s book titled “Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls” is hitting bookstores this summer and it’s sure to please “Golden Girls” fans of all ages.

You can preorder the board book here on Amazon for $8.99. “Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls” will be released on June 28, 2022.

While the book is aimed at babies and preschoolers up to 3 years old, older “Golden Girls” fans will find plenty to enjoy, including lots of references and nods to the show’s classic storylines and funniest gags.

“Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls” is written by Samantha Brooke, who has previously authored other children’s books for television shows such as “Strawberry Shortcake,” “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” and “Super WHY!”

'Golden Girls' stars Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty pose.
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Charmingly illustrated by Jen Taylor, the book imagines Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty as wide-eyed child-like versions of their on-screen characters. The story shows the girls as they go through their bedtime routine, including having cheesecake and hearing a bedtime story from Ma about her time in Sicily. And yes, Stan and Miles make an appearance!

For other “Golden Girls” fans, there is also the illustrated book “Golden Girls: Thank You For Being a Friend,” which features illustrations by artist Julie Houts.

Or check out “Golden Rules: Wit and Wisdom of the Golden Girls,” a humorous illustrated book that shares some of the girls’ funniest life lessons and personal mottos.

“Golden Girls” was on the air for seven years, but in the decades following, the show has continued to bring joy and laughter to people of all ages.

In an interview from the Archive of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Rue McClanahan reflected on the impact that “Golden Girls” had on fans.

“We got lots of letters from teenage girls who were unhappy at home and wanted to move in with us. They thought it was real life,” she said. “The appeal of these four characters was their warmth and friendship and the fact that we stuck together through thick and thin.”

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