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Severe weather impacts blood donation centers across the country

Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 14, 2019

The major storms hitting much of the country are having a direct impact on blood supply at donation centers nationwide.

The blood donation nonprofit network Vitalant closed multiple centers and canceled blood drives resulting in a loss of near one-thousand donations. At the local level, Vitalant needs to collect approximately 1,225 donations of all types per week.

But the nonprofit says more is needed to replenish supplies in other areas.

“We’re strongly urging our donors here in the Central Coast to give blood now in support of those areas severely impacted by this storm and to rebuild the blood supply,” said Susan Noone, Regional Director at Vitalant.

Donors with type-O negative blood are especially needed because O-negative red blood cells can be transfused to anyone. Donors with type-AB, positive or negative, are also in high demand.

Wednesday’s historic bomb cyclone in Colorado, which reached as far south as New Mexico and Texas, caused sustained hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions. Other parts of the country are now experiencing or bracing for more severe weather including tornadoes, snow, flooding, and impassable roads.

“The severity of this issue has the potential to negatively impact patient care. It’s imperative that every person who feels healthy and is eligible gives blood now,” said Noon.

To schedule an appointment to give blood, go to or call 877-258-4825. Walk-in donors are always welcome.