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The house where Harry Potter was born is on Airbnb

The house where Harry Potter was born is on Airbnb
Posted at 4:30 AM, Mar 14, 2023

At some point we’ve all imagined what it would be like to step inside the lives of our favorite fairytale protagonists. We’ve wondered what it’d be like to wander their streets, hang out at their favorite spots and experience life from their perspective. Well, lucky for them, Harry Potter fans will finally be able to turn that dream into reality

Two rooms in Harry Potter’s birth home, which is located in the real-life English village of Lavenham, are available to rent on AirBnb. The house, situated just an hour outside of London, appeared in the second to last film of the series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.” It is set in the fictional town of Godric’s Hollow, which is known officially as the birthplace of Harry Potter, but is also home to other wizarding families and notable figures in the series. 


The De Vere House Is Rich In History

Locally, the home is known as the De Vere House, and it has a rather interesting history apart from its inclusion in the popular film series. The home was previously used as a hunting lodge by a family named the de Veres from the 14th century to the 17th century, and it even opened its doors to such notable figures as King Henry the VIII. 

Today the historic home has been outfitted as a cozy bed and breakfast known for its luxurious touches. While Harry Potter fans may remember the house as simple and austere, the De Vere house is anything but. While quaint, the bed and breakfast is equipped with two four-poster en-suite bedrooms, which rent separately: Room 1 is called the Grand Chamber, and Room 2 is named Lady Elizabeth. Both rooms come with “fluffy dressing gowns” and a cozy guest sitting room with a fireplace, and daily breakfast is included. 


If you’re in the mood to explore the surrounding neighborhood — or search it for horcruxes — Lavenham has plenty of other points of interest, including a medieval church, award winning restaurants and art galleries. 

Ready to book a stay? The De Vere House’s rooms are available to rent on weekends this spring starting at around $185 per night, with a two-night minimum.

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