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After some mild inland days the heat will slowly return

Rural Arroyo Grande field
Posted at 4:52 PM, Jul 15, 2021

The weather pattern this week has been the relief that many inland areas needed after a rough end to last week and a hot weekend. This week temperatures not only fell but they actually fell to below average for most of the interior.

Coastal temperatures were already mitigated by marine influence and followed the trend down but only by a few degrees.

Now an area of mid-level high pressure is starting to set up, currently, it is a bit far east to do much but it looks to be migrating to the west over the next few days. This will start some inland warming and also open the door for sub-tropical air to move north from under the high.

High-pressure lobes encourage counter-clockwise airflow, in this case, it acts as a mid-level moisture pump. It looks to draw up moist and unstable air from Mexico. This will cause some showers and isolated thunderstorms. Most of that activity is likely to the east and at higher elevations however activity will have to be tracked along flow pattern.

Are some isolated showers possible locally, sure but nothing too significant for coastal communities. Nothing that would help drought conditions. Upper elevated convection (thunderstorms) are also possible but this far out it is more something to watch than something specifically predicted.

Temps will slowly come up everywhere Sunday into the middle of next week, but it will be most notable inland where temps near 100 are likely. That said, I don't see really extreme potential on temps (not record-setting, just warmer than average).

The monsoon moisture surge could continue into late next week as well.