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Authorities issue safety reminder for hikers after sexual assaults

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office
Posted at 12:40 PM, Nov 26, 2020

Local authorities are reminding hikers to take safety precautions following two separate sex crimes on trails in Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office issued a safety reminder Thursday.

They say one incident took place on October 11 at the Baron Ranch Trail in Goleta. A suspect accosted a woman and threatened to sexually assault her.

In a separate case, a woman was sexually assaulted at the Aliso Trail in Santa Barbara on November 8.

The Sheriff's Office says both of these incidents happened on trails with very few hikers. Both cases are being investigated.

Deputies shared these safety tips for those who plan on hiking:

  • Hike with a companion; preferably someone from your household to be COVID-19 safe
  • Create a trip plan that details where you will be hiking, contact information, arrival and departure times. Leave this information with someone you trust that is not going hiking with you
  • Start your hike with enough time to finish before dark
  • Have a way to communicate. Do not rely on your cell phone due to a possible lack of reception. Consider taking a personal locator beacon. If you use your phone make sure it is fully charged.