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Big inland temperature relief arrives Sunday

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 24, 2020

A deep marine layer this morning covered the coast and backed up to the beaches, it'll return again tonight.

We also saw some sun filtering from some high-level clouds from the southwest. It was also mildly muggy (in Central Coast terms) in the interior valleys where the highs in the and slightly higher dew points were noticeable.

The main players in terms of the meteorology have not changed. There is still an upper level ridge over the area with surface high pressure to our west and a thermal trough across the land mass. These are all ingredients for more marine layer at the coast and warm temps inland.

An upper level low will drop into the Pac NW Sunday and Monday producing a deep marine layer with areas of heavy drizzle during overnight and morning and cooler temperatures.

Inland temperatures will only reach the high 70s in the inland areas on Sunday into Monday.

However more warming returns in the middle of next week.